Alcoholic Drinks

Why Pop Bottles When You Can Drop $1.3 Mil on a Booze Cruise?

Are you a borderline alcoholic who is sitting on a pile of money? Congrats, we’ve found the perfect vacation for you. Well, actually, HolidaysPlease did.

“HolidaysPlease” is a self-explanatory website where users get help deciding where to go for vacation. Usually clients search for a moderately priced, yet luxurious vacation spots. While “Adult Booze Cruise” isn’t the normal query, it turns out that is exactly what they are offering.

Booze Cruise Around The World

What exactly is this adult booze cruise we speak of? Why it’s none other than The World’s Most Exclusive Drink Connoisseur’s Holiday. Lucky/drunk guests travel to 10 different locations around the world sampling the most exclusive drinks on the planet, including the world’s most expensive champagne collection direct from Flavio Briatore’s Billionaires Club. For one bottle pop you’ll need to drop 300,000 euros.

It better be some dope-ass champagne. And Drake better fly out of the bottle and rap too.

Other drinks include Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario Tequila (400 euros), Martini – Diamond Bader & Garrin (12,000 euros and your drink literally comes with a diamond), and Dalmore Trinitas (the world’s most expensive whiskey, aged 64, only three made in the world). As you’ve probably gathered, this voyage is for the experienced palates.

Flaming Drinks


The trip isn’t only about the sips though. The cruise ship will be visiting some of the world’s finest hotels, traveling strictly business class, and touring exclusive factories and distilleries. You can eat too, if you must. But make sure you wash that food down with a casual Winston Cocktail (16,400 Euros).

If your liver can handle it, then this fancy party is perfect for you. Sign up by emailing [email protected]

Lindsey just signed up. Can you fund her? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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