Hillary Clinton

The Resistance Doesn’t Need Hillary Clinton


The term “the resistance” is not new, but since the election, the phrase has been given a new life in the fight against everything Trump. And despite the fact that the movement may have already been co-opted by companies that sell $95 t-shirts and use #resistance for their marketing campaigns, there is a very real and important fight happening around the world against the policies and actions of the Trump administration. And the last thing the resistance needs right now is Trump’s former opponent, Hillary Clinton.

But yesterday, while speaking to Christiane Amanpour at the Women in the World Summit in New York City, Clinton told the CNN anchor, “I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.”

It’s easy for Clinton and the people who were involved in her presidential campaign to blame the election loss on Russia’s likely intervention and James Comey’s disclosure just days before the polls opened that the F.B.I. was possibly reopening the investigation into her emails. Sure, Clinton took some responsibility for her loss yesterday saying, “After all, my name was on the ballot.” The problem is Clinton not taking enough responsibility for her role in her loss and, more importantly, Trump’s victory.

And the resistance now isn’t just about defeating Trump’s policies. There are many other goals that the activists out in the streets have that directly contradict everything that Clinton stands for. Meaningful criminal justice reform, free college education, a complete re-thinking of foreign diplomacy and a restructuring of the Democratic Party that includes the ending of the superdelegate system are all things that the progressives fighting in the resistance want. Those are also all things that Hillary Clinton’s policies don’t align with.

During a gala for Planned Parenthood last night, Clinton said, “Progress is never fully won. It has to be renewed generation after generation. We stand on the shoulders of the women and men who came before us, and march alongside young activists who are leading the way forward,”

The problem is that Clinton hasn’t been in the streets with those young activists, before or after the election.

It’s great that Clinton doesn’t support Trump’s policies, but anyone with half a brain should know not to support Trump’s policies. Clinton’s campaign did enough damage the Democratic Party and consequently America as a whole that maybe we just need a break from her. What we need new voices and people in politics to be a part of the resistance. What we need someone who’s willing support punching Nazis. What we need is someone who isn’t going to play nice with the police because of how important their political endorsements can be. What we need is someone who isn’t afraid to call Trump the psycho that he is, instead of simply saying, “Twitter diplomacy doesn’t work. What the resistance needs is people leading it who are honest and transparent.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t fit into this equation, and while the resistance may appreciate her efforts, we should respectfully decline her participation.

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