wish4-ces-one Graffiti

NYC Graf Masters Come Together At Rooftop Legends

What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon?
the polo ralph lauren bear mural painted by bushwick graffiti artist ac2 bsk. The company ended up reposting the mural on their official instagram account Graffiti

AC2 BSK And His Legendary Polo Bear Mural

Meet Ralph Lauren's favorite graf writer
skeme-tmt-priority-mail-label-228-slap Graffiti

Double Tap: @Massivetwoshits

Ain't nothing like that label 228
a piece from new york city graffti writer acne, who unfortunately passed away in september of 2017 Graffiti

New York City Writer ACNE Has Died

Rest in paint
a decades old dondi tag was discovered on a building undergoing construction in lower manhattan in 2017 by freshpaintnyc Graffiti

Extremely Rare “DONDI” Tag Uncovered in Downtown Manhattan

The photographer also found a "SAMO©" tag.

Louie KR.ONE Gasparro Brings ‘True York’ to the Masses

Queens through and through
washington d.c. graffiti legend cool "disco" dan pointing out his incredible and iconic tag Features

Washington D.C. Graffiti Writers Reflect On Cool “Disco” Dan’s Legacy

Remembering the man who represented of the "other D.C."
caroline teller graffti photo from lower east side new york city in the 70s provided by the The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Graffiti

Explore an Insane Collection of Manhattan Street Photography

"I miss the old New York"
rd 357 trackside piece. the nyc graffiti writer was apprehended by a nypd cop for 82 counts of graffiti after a six month investigation Graffiti

Cop With Nothing Better To Do Hits NYC Writer RD 357 With 82 Graffiti Charges

New York City's fire hydrant king
remio spread in the latest issue Books

12ozProphet Relaunches With A New Site and Book

The return of an essential resource
Aper hit a wholecar in New York this morning that was spotting running on the JMZ line into Brooklyn coming off the Williamsburg Bridge. Graffiti

Aper Wholecar Running in Brooklyn on JMZ Line

This is it! This is it!
graffiti writer daos in the subway meets workers Graffiti

A Graffiti Fail Compilation by DAOS

💩 💩 💩 happens...
police shut down the ben franklin bridge after two graffiti writers get stuck on top of it Graffiti

Two Writers Climbed a Bridge and Needed the Police to Save Them

It's the art of getting up, but also down
an image of the photographer from the instagram account gameboy camera graffiti Art

Hey You’re Cool! @Gameboy_Camera_Graffiti

8 bit flicks for the Gram
australian graffiti artist cekios' graffiti piece on a chinese rail car for the spray daily's video made in china Graffiti

Watch the WTCS Crew Give China’s Metro a Makeover

Heavy hitters and a train conductor that's widdit

Hey, You’re Cool! Freddy Alva

Picture a skinhead leaving CBGB's to go hit trains