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Hey You’re Cool! @Gameboy_Camera_Graffiti

Since graffiti’s earliest days, photography has played a role in not just documenting the movement but has also become an art form in itself. Today graffiti photography has blown into an extremely active community on Instagram with hundreds of accounts uploading photos daily. A lot has changed since the days of 12ozProphet and Bombing Science forums.

Unfortunately, Instagram graffiti accounts tend to just replicate themselves. Anyone can start a graffiti IG in minutes, and it becomes difficult to distinguish them from each other, especially for those that only follow certain niches within graffiti such as New York graff or freights. However, some accounts take the flick game to a whole new level. Case in point? @gameboy_camera_graffiti . With a Game Boy Camera, a miniature cam that slid into the portable console on top of a cartridge, this IG account takes 8 Bit flicks of some of the meanest throws in the world. No high quality, DSLR, super edited flicks meant to get hundreds of likes on IG. Just a creative and unique way to document some dope tags.

Utah x Ether

Where are you from?

Continental Europe, but I get around.

How did you get into graffiti?

Likely the same things that got most teenagers into graffiti, I just stuck around.

Who are your favorite writers?

Any writer with an iconic throwup that never snitched. I try to post my favorites when I see them up.

How did you find the Game Boy Camera?

I love Instant photography and when I realized that paired with the Game Boy Printer it was arguably an instant camera, I decided to pick one up and try it out. A guy was selling a box of 50 for €1 each, I still regret not buying them all!

For most of our readers, the GBC might seem like outdated tech. How does it work?

The camera plugs into a Game Boy like any regular game. It swivels in case you want to take selfies.

What do you enjoy about photographing with this camera?

Mostly how frustrated my serious photographer friends get that I take this thing seriously. Also, the photos are square format which suits Instagram really well.

Do you practice any traditional photography?

Like most graffiti writers I just document everything digitally and file it away. Instant photography (mostly Instax Wide format and Game Boy) is my opportunity to have some fun on the side.

Is the GBC just a point and shoot sort of job? Or do you need to mess with the settings a bit?

More or less, there’s a clunky menu system to get through before you can shoot and low light performance is terrible.

Do you have the printer too?

I do, unfortunately all the original sticker-back paper from Nintendo is long expired, but one particular calculator paper fits nicely.

How do you upload the images to IG? How long does it take?

Using a device called a BitBoy. It’s a quick process.

Is there a GBC community at all?

There are a few guys on Instagram but one niche I’ve noticed is on the convention scene, people print out images of cosplayers on the spot as instant gifts; like a shitty low-res Polaroid on graphing calculator paper.



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