WorldStar Animal Fights Beastin'

WorldStar: Wildlife Edition

Can't we all just get along?
Donguin Beastin Beastin'

Beastin’: Meet The Donguin

The hybrid of a dog and a penguin is really-real, to us at least. So far that it warranted a tattoo.
Mario Costa Jr with Mike Tyson's pigeons in NJ for Mass Appeal TV Beastin'

Mike Tyson’s Pigeons Touch the Sky

Mike Tyson's rehab back into super-stardom has been handled with care, similar to the TLC given to his fleet of pigeons residing i...
Pigeon Racing Jeff Staple vinyl toy Beastin'

PETA Cries Fowl On Pigeon Racing

A red flag is raised, not the checkered one, against racing pigeons in New York.
Bone Pugz and Harmony Beastin'

Mass Appeal’s Top 25 Pug Anthems

After the viral success of Bone Pugz, we're barking back with a list of the best songs inspired by Pugs.
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Beastin’: William Fetzke’s Reptiles

A New Jersey man moves into Springsteen territory and becomes the BOSS...of snakes, reptiles and other unconventional creatures (B...