Siya Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Rapper Siya

“Live your life, but don’t live it in shame, denial, or fear. Live it unapologetically”

Can Underwear Save Lives? A Chat with the Men Behind Peace Briefs

“This was created with the utmost sensitivity”
tlc-the-remix Features

Hats to Da Back & All That: How TLC Changed The R&B Game

Where would music be without T-Boz, Left Eye & Chilli?
DJ Poizon Ivy Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Dallas Mavericks DJ Poizon Ivy

“Believe that you are better than good enough, and hang onto that belief more than anything else”
Tom Taylor Features

Comics, TV and Plays for the Stage: Tom Taylor Pens Them All

Is there anything this guy can't write?
wu-tang-saga Features

Inside the Making of ‘Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues’

How engineer Josh Gannet helped Mathematics complete the latest Wu banger
Chuck Strangers Features

A Chat With Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers

Pro Era’s next up
underdog Features

The 25 Most Underrated MCs of the Past 25 Years

Who (don't) got the props?
blue-the-great-hyc Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Artist Bryan “Blue the Great” Blue

“That’s what art’s about—not looking like the most popular artist out, but looking like you”
gucci-mane-evan-guest Features

‘Mr. Davis’ in the Year of Gucci Mane

Forget the trap, this is self-improvement rap
Maydien Features

The Music Industry Broke Maydien, Until He Stopped Worrying and Built His Own Break

“I lost myself”
diddy Features

Diddy Hosts “Hip Hop Vs. Trump” Panel at Revolt Music Conference

Industry gathering becomes resistance rally
Chika Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Poet and Rapper Chika

“The things that you’re afraid to admit to yourself you’ll admit in a song, because you know someone can relate”
Hustle Gang Features

Can’t Knock The Hustle: A Look Inside T.I.’s Hustle Gang

Tracing the long journey to the crew’s debut LP, ‘We Want Smoke’
antwon Features

Antwon is Cool With ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and His Mom, But Not Online Racists

A chat with the San Jose MC before he smoked some mid and went to see lucha libre
Charlie Sloth Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Charlie Sloth

“I could've spent a week making a hardcore rap album, but there’s no challenge in that”