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If you take one look at Fat Trel you might not think, “nice, well spoken, humble guy.” Instead, the words thug, hoodlum, gangsta may come to mind. Yes, he may be those things, but I promise you he has those other qualities as well. Going to meet Fat Trel in the Atlantic Records offices he treated me like a guest at his home, showing exceptional hospitality. Hard to imagine from a dude who’s a self-proclaimed “SLUTTY BOY.”

Fat Trel’s latest mixtape Gleesh came out last week and is his first release since signing with Rick Ross’ MMG label. Now that he’s living that MMG lifestyle things have changed. He flies to Rozay’s house and facetimes with other MMG members, but he’s still that hungry emcee from D.C.

Mass Appeal: What are the origins of SLUTTY BOYZ?

Fat Trel: SLUTTY BOYZ started on MySpace and it was basically, before we was rappers, to be honest, we was just – our city is small you know? Washington D.C. of course you know is not a state. So it’s like one of the smallest areas in America. Everybody knew everybody and we was just fucking a lot of bitches. Then one day a bitch was on the phone with my brother Meechi, and she was like, “Man how you gone fuck me and then fuck her? You a slutty boy.”

He had her on speaker phone and it was like, “SLUTTY BOY,” you know? We just took that and ran with it. Before we had a logo and all that we was just SLUTTY BOYZ on MySpace, like strictly, you know what I’m saying? It just went crazy – just took off and went crazy.

MA: Okay so when you started rapping you just took that name?

FT: Yeah, yeah – we just incorporated that with what we had going on. Then of course the actual group, The Slutty Boyz, they started rapping like a year or two after me. Once they got a whiff of what I was doing, and that it was working and, you know, we almost out – we could possibly get out the hood if we do it right, that’s when they started with it too.

MA: You still down with those kids?

FT: Of course, that’s family. That’s squad man – that’s my day one in the sandbox fam, you know?

MA: Of course. So Gleesh is your first official tape on MMG. What was the difference as far as the recording process?

FT: Yeah, the recording process was definitely different. You know with the label you have a chance to let the label know what motivates and moves you. You know I always been a Miami type of guy, even though I’m from D.C. So as far as the recording process, like to actually have the luxury to say, “Yo, I want to do some of the recording in Miami,” was kind of different. Also, the features, you know? I never worked with Stalley or Rockie Fresh before so the fact that they on that tape – it’s just a great process for me.

MA: Word. What’s your favorite track on the tape?

FT: My favorite track is “Rest in Peace.”

MA: Why “Rest in Peace”?

FT: It was the last song I recorded for the tape and I had just lost 2 homies in March – back to back. One died Monday, and the next one died Tuesday.

MA: Fuck, I’m sorry man.

FT: Yeah, I appreciate it. We made that song and I actually thought I was done with the tape. So, what I was recording in LA was just extra sessions because I was bored and I didn’t want to waste my time. I did that song and I was like, “Yo, this shit got to go on the tape.” That’s why it’s my favorite one.

Fat Trel smoking a cigarette in Times Square NYC

MA: How has being with MMG helped you creatively?

FT: Motivation. Just to see them. I knew Meek Mill for a long time bro, you know? I knew Meek when he had cornrows you feel me? To see Meek go out and get it like that. Just to see the lifestyle, the Maybach Music Group lifestyle – it all motivates you. It makes you want it, and more you know? You know that they worked for it, so you know what you gotta do. You know it don’t just come, so you just got to go out there and get it! That’s what we’re ready for, that’s what we want to do.

MA: Right, speaking on that Maybach lifestyle – I know a lot of it’s money. I mean you got a song called “Rich as Fuck” on Gleesh. Now that you got all this dough, what’s your favorite way to spend your money or spend your time?

FT: To be honest man, I do drugs. I’m the type of person – I need my drugs to live, I need them to function. I’m not big on fashion. A lot of shoes you see me wear I get them for free. Clothes I get for free. North Face I get for free. I don’t do a lot of shopping. I like to spend my money on my kids and my family. I pay my bills, I pay my mom’s bills, I pay my brother’s bills; it’s a good feeling.

What you really got to do with it is I use it to buy my drugs and I just purchased my first home, you know?

MA: What are your favorite drugs to do?

FT: My favorite drugs is lean and molly.

MA: You record on that shit?

FT: Yeah, I recorded my whole tape on lean and molly.

MA: Do you ever get worried about how many dudes have died from lean?

FT: Nah. I’m not that crazy about it you know? I don’t do drugs because I’m depressed or I’m chasing the high – I do drugs to live. I need lean so I won’t get sick. I need Molly so I can stay up and record. It’s not like I need ’em for sex or I’m chasing this super freak high. I use my drugs for certain reasons.

MA: So you’re not on the Rick James tip?

FT: Nah, nah, nah – Rick James ain’t about that life.

Fat Trel and friend

MA: What’s your relationship like with Rick Ross at this point? He dropped Mastermind, you just dropped Gleesh – are things as good as they seem?

FT: Yeah, everything’s great. I just talked to Ross yesterday and he broke me down on some more good news.

MA: What’s that news?

FT: Touring with YG soon. But the relationship is beautiful man. We all real niggas, we all young niggas. Ross is the type of CEO that he wants to see everybody eat, and at the same time he wants what’s his – and you’ve got to love that about a person. Somebody who don’t want extras, knowing that they can get extras because of the position they in, you feel me? Somebody who don’t take that for granted is a great individual, a good person in life.

The relationship with the squad is basic. We facetime each other when we feel like it – just talk shit. You know, I fly to his crib, they can come to my crib – it’s all love.

MA: On Instagram you put out some wild shit with you and these girls just going in.

FT: I’m an honest guy. I’m an honest guy and a Slutty Boy. So, you know my Instagram my life. I like to bring people into the world of where I’m from and what we do on a day to day when it ain’t always about rap, you know? When it ain’t always about music. I like to bring people into my world and it’s just fun.

Sex is a huge part of life, you know what I’m saying? We capitalize that, we pride ourselves as Slutty Boyz.

MA:  It’s what makes life go around honestly.

FT: Yeah – it keeps the generation going, making new babies. Sex is a beautiful thing.

MA:  None of these girls get mad about that shit – they’re about it?

FT: Nah. It’s the world my nigga. You could either be grown and live with it, or you can hide it – which is ok. Whatever you want to do, to each his own, but I think for all my girl supporters who be like, “You know what? I am a slut.” Not a slut meaning I fuck multiple men on a daily basis, but I like sex, you feel me?  I am a slut. I like pussy. I like head. I like eating pussy. You know what I’m saying? I do all sexual favors, I suck toes. I go crazy!

MA:  Right! So you got to be real about it!

FT: I got to be real about it, It’s like, why not? You being blessed with the opportunity to share your lifestyle to the world, why not let them in on it all?

MA:  Right.

FT: Anyway, that’s what we trying to do. Just let them in on the whole thing.

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