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F1Jo Talks “No Beer” and Super Bowl Celebrations

Although his Atlanta Falcons did not manage to capture the Super Bowl title, F1JO has another big win to celebrate: his turn-up anthem “No Beer” set the Internets on fire when it dropped last Friday, rocking clubs all over the world, landing a spot on Spotify’s “Most Necessary” playlist, and taking a chunk out of Anheuser Busch’s annual profit projections. We caught up with the South Jamaica Queens native just after halftime at the Super Bowl to see what he was sippin’ on.

So what are you drinking right now?

“Right now I got a cup in my hand with some VSOP Remy. That’s what I’m sippin’ on right now. You know we don’t do no motherfuckin’ beer round here.”

It’s getting some good feedback, man. It feels great. It feel good to do some work and people like it they appreciate and they naturally picking up on it and fuckin’ with it like that. So it feels amazing man.

Where are you watching the Super Bowl from right now?

I’m just kickin’ it with the fam really. I got a big-ass family and we always link up and have a party for the Super Bowl.

Safe to assume that’s somewhere in Queens, New York?

Yup, matter of fact, not too far from where we shot the video.

That shoot was like a movie. The whole hood came out. Those bike stunts and everything—it was like the return of the king.

[Laughs] Something like that, man. And you know the crazy thing, it wasn’t even planned. It all just happened naturally. Nobody was even supposed to come out. It all just happened organically. That’s the craziest part for me.

Out of all the things that have happened since the record dropped what felt the best to you?

Uh, I can’t say… It’s just a combination of things, man. Shit—Mike Will coming to Queens. Slim Jimmy dancing to the record onstage. I keep getting phone calls. Waka called me yesterday, I think he was in Poland or somewhere like that. Southside 808 Mafia he just called me a few hours ago, “Man I love that record. That’s my shit.” I told him I produced it and he was even more excited. I’m just getting a lot of good feedback and I didn’t even expect any of it to come about the way that it did.

@f1jo – no beer WE DRINK WATER NO BEER 🔥🚫🍻 Go check it out 👏🏽👏🏽 #nobeer || #ayoandteo 😈 @trillervids

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Seems like people were not ready for this, but now it’s a club anthem.

I made the Spotify playlist man. That was kinda dope to me.

People know the record more than they know you right now. How did you first link with Mike Will and sign with Ear Drummer?

Mike Will is my boy. We been making music. If you go back and do your research, we been making music for a long time. Since we were like 17, 18. I did a record with Mike In his mom’s basement—y’knowI’msayin’? We go back. That’s my brother. We always said if he made it, we gon’ come get the other one. We both been keepin’ our word. Keepin’ it solid.

Most people think of Mike Will as an Atlanta producer, and you’re from Queens. What is the link between you two?

A lot of people don’t know that I lived in Atlanta for a long portion of my life. I went to high school in Georgia. You know I was locked up in Atlanta facing a big charge. So I lived in Atlanta for a while, and that’s where we clicked up at. That’s where I got the 808 side and the Down South kinda flavor to my music, living down there and touring with Gucci and Waka and all that kind of stuff.

And of course Waka and his mom Deb Antney go back to Queens.

Yup. Way back. They go so far back that me and Waka grew up in the same house in Queens. About five minutes away from where we shot the video at.

I heard LL Cool J is a family friend.

Yeah that’s a real good, close friend of the family. Deb is actually my aunt, Waka’s my cousin. Yeah we got the same last name.

So it’s only right for you and Mike Will to link up and make history.

That’s a fact, man. That’s a fact.

So I don’t even have to ask who your money is on for the Super Bowl. What’s your review of Lady Gaga’s performance on the halftime show?

I thnk it was pretty dope man. She did her thing. I mean, last year it was “Formation”—you know Mike Will did that “Formation” so that was a highlight for me. But Lady Gaga did her thing. I ain’t mad at nobody. Long as they ain’t drinking no fuckin’ beer.

What you got against beer? What’s the issue there?


I ain’t got nuttin… I mean, shit man. I just don’t fuck with it. We don’t fuck with no beer. I’m a champagne type of guy. Cognac type of guy.

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