russ-lean-xans Drugs

Stop Ignoring the Trauma Behind Rappers Who “Glorify” Drugs

Fun? More like self-medication
uber-graffiti Crime

Twenty Pounds of Fentanyl and Heroin Found In an Upper West Side Apartment

That's enough to knock out half the city
magic_mushrooms_mass_appeal Drugs

Study: Magic Mushrooms Are So Awesome, That Even A Bad Trip Can Be “Meaningful” ...

"It is notable that 84% of respondents reported having benefited from the experience."
weed_colorado_teen_use_mass_ Drugs

Despite The Abundance of Amazing Weed Everywhere In Colorado, Teen Use Decreasing

The kids are alright.
vagina_cocaine_mass_appeal Drugs

Nearly A Dozen Women Busted For Using Their Vaginas To Smuggle Cocaine

Risky business
massachusetts_weed Drugs

On Thursday, Weed Will Be Legal In Massachusetts!

That was fast
american-drug-epidemic Drugs

Heroin Deaths Now Outpacing Gun Homicides Because America Is Exceptional

Stop shooting up stuff
The COSMOS field Drugs

‘Magic Mushrooms’ Helped Ease Anxiety of Death In Cancer Patients

"Psilocybin may represent a potential paradigm shift." -Dr. Griffiths
obama_legalization Drugs

With Less Than Two Months To Go, POTUS Endorses Legalization

Yes Weed Can
fda_ecstacy_mdmajpg Drugs

FDA Does Something Good, Okays Clinical Trials of MDMA To Treat PTSD

Now can the DEA remove its Schedule I classification?
hunter_s_thompson_weed_clone Drugs

Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow is Cloning His Famous Weed

Smoke like Hunter
Печать Drugs

Which States Will Legalize Weed Next? Here Are Four Possibilities

Support for cannabis is at an all time high.
roor_bongs Drugs

RooR To Smoke Shops Selling Knockoffs: Stop Fucking With Our Luxury Bong Brand

"This is junk — with our client’s name right on the face of it." -Bong attorney
dried_cubensis Drugs

Study: Psychedelic Drugs Are Awesome, Potentially Helpful for Treating Bad Drugs

"Psychedelic drugs have been used as treatments in indigenous cultures for thousands of years."
colorado_weed_flag Drugs

There Will Soon Be Chill Places To Smoke All That Good Weed In Denver

The Mile High City indeed
straw-cough-trichs1 Drugs

Colorado Grow Facility Rack Up Fines Because Its Weed Smells Too Much

The nose knows