[D]oing [M]y [T]hing

Words Dr. M. Tryptamine 

As told to Horus 

Photos Jesse Chehak 

Tryptamine (tryp-ta-mine) — A chemical compound found in all living things, specifically in the brains of mammals. It is believed to play a part in the regulation of the central nervous system. 

The Mysterious trio known only as Dr. M. Tryptamine aren’t your average hustlers on the block. Quietly pumping their chemicals into the atmosphere for years, their journey has taken them from the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam to the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona and back. Dr. M. Tryptamine isn’t interested in any sort of street cred, they have no children to feed and are definitely not from any notorious hood. Their love of all things science and their interest in the expansion of the human consciousness are their only motivating factors. A questionable livelihood, yes, but this is what makes things interesting. Step into the lab with the three and you just might find yourself with a little head start on that never ending, curious path to enlightenment. 

Science has proven that we are from many places, primarily super nova explosions. But to give you a better idea of where we currently are, the Southwest United States will suffice. We are in our early 20s, but…it feels like we have been around a LOT longer. While still in high school we were exposed to salvia divinorum, this simple plant was able to convince us we were standing on a 45-degree incline when in reality we were standing on a flat surface. Our equilibrium was thrown off so intensely that we almost could not stand. Fascinated by these effects a seed was planted, but it wouldn’t take root until a couple of years later.

What we consider to be our first true psychedelic experience would take place during the summer of ‘08 in The Netherlands. A very experienced and knowledgeable psychonaut aided in our decision to choose one over many species of psychedelic mushrooms. We were told that our first trip should be a little more introspective and not so overwhelming. He guided us to a species we later found out was rightly named “Philosophers Stone” and we each ate a slice (1/8th to be exact.) The experience allowed us to enjoy an eerie yet merry stroll through the streets of Amsterdam. To this day we agree that our lives have never been shaped so much by such a simple walk.

A part of us was influenced by bands like The Grateful Dead, The Jimi Hendrix Experience; and more recently, Flying Lotus, People Under the Stairs, Living Legends, Tame Impala, etc. A lot of the aforementioned artists and bands spoke/speak directly about their mysterious and enlightening experiences but the artists who influence us more so, inspire the ideas and soundtracks to upcoming trips.

After we realized what psychedelics truly were and how the demand far surpasses the supply we decided to go into business. Growing shrooms was quite easy and cheap, “So why not?” we said. Then we began extracting (separating) the alkaloids DMT and psilocybin from their original phase into another more “digestible” one. It was fun and profitable. We are not fans of the “drug dealing” world, however, we minimize the amount of charges we could potentially face by only supplying a few products. Though in actuality, we started off with a broad array of psychedelics and eventually narrowed it down to the ones that saw the highest demand. Then our lens became even more focused and we realized that being delivery men carries a degree of risk relative to that of the manufacturer, yet yields far more attention and requires involving more people. We thought about the products we could potentially synthesize with the right amount of ease and capacity for greatness; DMT, mushrooms, and Crystallized Psilocybin. After a bit of experience with the business we realized that there were other vantage points aside from simply making money. The one that resounded with us the most was a biosocial one.

We thought that if we could synthesize clean and pure substances, substances that are harmlessly beneficial when used properly, why not assume the responsibility and play that role in society? Plus, who knows when the next Steve Jobs can benefit from tapping into their higher consciousness? We would not say we favor one (drug) over the other, in our opinion they each serve their own purpose. We use DMT on rare occasions when we feel it to be necessary. As funny as it may sound, it’s somewhat of a reality check for us. We do not use DMT recreationally nor do we advise it to be taken in such a way. With as little as 50mg, DMT shows us a completely different reality, a reality that in a way is more real than what our everyday five senses can show us. As for mushrooms, we believe in small doses it can be fun to take recreationally and walk through a forest or take at a concert, leaving at least a couple weeks in between trips. With higher doses one has no choice but to sit there glued to the floor, ego stripped clean, and for lack of better words, no grip of any consistency of being. We believe these experiences should be had rather infrequently and should be separated by a month at the very least. Moderation is the key, even water in high doses can be fatal.

The science is our favorite part. We guess we have always been what you can call scientists. Chemistry, neuroscience and biology have always been a passion of ours and in college we were able to learn the basics. Once we realized that we had actually performed all the techniques used in extraction and synthesis of DMT and Psilocybin we began to play around. And before you knew it we were extracting brilliant white DMT crystals from Mimosa Hostilis and Psilocybin from Cubensis. We would say both extractions are fairly easy and anyone who does a little research can figure it out. Molecularly speaking, DMT and Psilocybin are almost identical which makes the techniques used to extract them almost identical as well. Mushrooms are definitely more lucrative than DMT, it is a better—known substance and is less overbearing for the new tripper. We are hoping that our new isolated crystalline psilocybin will find its way to those who enjoy mushroom trips, but not the taste or the nausea many experience. All types of people ranging in age enjoy our psychedelics, but our main customer base is surprisingly educated white males in their early to mid 20s. One of our goals is to actually broaden that demographic.


Many associate psychedelic drug dealing with the hidden online network known as the Deep Web. This is the murky underworld of the Internet, a lawless digital space where various types of criminals can freely operate, as well as find the tools they need to do so. We have yet to expand into its depths for distributing products due to logistical difficulties and the increased risk associated with shipping to unknown customers. On the other hand, there are certain supplies that can’t be found in any other place, and the Deep Web has helped us acquire those items. As for the infamous digital currency known as Bitcoins, these are the golden nuggets of the Internet, untraceable and unregulated by any sort of government. We use these in trade for practically anything we need. There are many online currency converters that easily convert Bitcoins to USD or any other currency. It is similar to converting your US dollar to pesos, just all done on the computer.

It is crazy to think that most would consider us criminals when all we do is allow people to explore their own consciousness. But until these substances can be used responsibly and can see the respectable degree of regulation that they deserve, we will stubbornly accept the title of criminal. Though this famed “criminal life” can, on occasion, be time consuming, it doesn’t really interfere with our day jobs and schoolwork. When you have interest or hobbies that you’re passionate about, you’ll always find ways to integrate them into your life, no matter how busy it may be. Additionally, our legal jobs as freelance contractors allow us quite a bit of freedom. We have definitely spoken to our families about psychedelics and our philosophy about life in general. They are very supportive and understand that we are not “druggies” who are on any kind of downward spiral. However, it does appear to be difficult for them to understand why we are so passionate about this. One of our moms capitalizes on every opportunity to let us know that there are other ways to achieve enlightenment. Clearly, we still haven’t learned our full lesson.


There have been run-ins with the law, but non pertinent to the production or distribution of any substances. None of us has done any time in prison. We share the belief that there should not be any law in place that restricts what we as conscious human beings can do to or put in our bodies. Our lives are our responsibility and laws should be in place to protect people from people, not people from themselves. It is understandable to expect a counterargument citing cases of cannibalism and psychotic expressions of insanity brought on by powerful dissociative drugs. Though upon reflection, one might find it insightful to first observe the mental health of the individual prior to any kind of substance use. The drug isn’t always the problem, a lot depends on the person taking it. This type of information would provide us with clues as to how we can advise those with preexisting mental conditions to avoid substances which can exacerbate or degrade their condition. A comparable example of this in the legal marketplace is seen in the warnings and disclaimers that inform those with soy and peanut allergies that the products they may be about to consume or use can compromise their health.

We would not completely agree with those who say, “The introspective nature of these drugs isn’t always a good thing” (though there is an undeniable, yet poorly phrased truth to the statement). We believe that with the loss of an ego your conscious and unconscious are able to communicate and you begin to realize certain undeniable truths about yourself. At this point you have two decisions. You can accept this and learn about yourself/grow from your experience or you can fight it and this is where the bad trip begins. When bad qualities or bad memories are brought up, you have the choice of how to confront them. Some people listen to music to drown them out, some choose to tackle these thoughts head on, and others just lose it. The “bad trip” can also arise from fear. Lack of knowledge is where we believe most of this fear is derived from, not knowing if this is going to end, not knowing if you can fix or change the things about yourself you are confronted with.

We see ourselves continuing to master our skills and crafts even 10 years down the road; we should be experts by then, huh? For two of us, this is the calling, to be the middleman of less commonplace experiences…to promulgate these psychedelic catalysts of change. For the other, a PhD and a position atop a small firm devoted to enhancing our cognitive experience and augmenting our neural abilities sounds quite appealing. The end goal for Dr. M. Tryptamine is to be the change we want to see in this world. I’m sure most people have thought to themselves, “Man, I wish someone would make this,” or, “Man, if only this existed and was available to me.” Anything is possible, it’s just a matter of whether or not you are willing to do anything.

We believe in humanity and we feel most people do not give humanity enough credit. These substances have been sacred to thousands of cultures across the world for hundreds of years, and have only been illegal for a fraction of the time they have been in use. And that may be something to really think about.

This article appears in Mass Appeal Issue 54. Subscribe to the magazine here.

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