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Delta NY Rangers: Meditate with Kevin Hayes

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Brooklyn-born Marcus A. Clarke fuses a unique ability to extract genuine stories from his subjects with a curated urban aesthetic that is implicit of a native New Yorker. The director/producer walked onto his first commercial set as a wide-eyed 16-year old production intern and was immediately hooked. With a keen eye for authentic storytelling, he has developed an extensive reel of documentary-style content that harnesses a truly authentic storytelling dynamic. He got his start at Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks and has quickly amassed an impressive directorial reel, helming content for such top brands as American Express, Nike, Gillette, Under Armour and Coca-Cola. As a director for VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop NY” Season 3, Clarke honed his talents in maintaining a charged storyline, amidst the unpredictable challenge of reality television. His experience in developing cohesive narratives across a season has since extended to web series content, translating the stories of exceptional individuals into premium digital content for the likes of Complex and Mass Appeal.

Outside of producing and directing film, he finds inspiration in creating classic, strings-infused with hip-hop beats. As a student of film and technology since his teen days of coding flash websites, he is fascinated by the convergence of entertainment and technology.