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Before his start making videos and EPKs for local rappers at age 14 in SF, Jason got his touch in youth pop-culture from being immersed in image driven storytelling through his artist/photographer father. After signing as the youngest director to Spike Jonze’s Satellite Films, he launched DECON with friend and co-founder Peter Bittenbender in 2002.

His diverse style as a director has long since infused street art and hip-hop culture, while embracing remote and culturally broadening locations and compelling imagery. Constantly shifting his approach, discovering new perspectives and technical choices, Jason is passionate about seeing a project through from start to finish, remaining heavily involved throughout the whole process by editing and sound designing his own work.

In the realm of innovative music video work, throughout his career, Jason has helmed work for such top artists as Nas, Jay Z, Ludacris, The Roots, KiD CuDi, Evidence and Linkin Park, among others. Documentary film credits include A Million In The Morning, the Definitive Jux Tour tale, Revenge Of the Robots, the Young Buck doc, A Million Bucks and The Legend of Mr. Rager, which accompanied the release of KiD CuDi’s album, Man On The Moon II. Jason has also created culture-infused branded work for the likes of Microsoft’s Zune, Malibu Rum, Google, Squarespace and Converse, to name just a few.