Hey, You’re Cool! Dice the God

In every city there is a guy that knows a guy, that knows a guy, that knows a guy who knows everybody. In New York City, Dice the God is that guy. Since the early 2000s, Dice has been a part of the infamous downtown scene. Most people might recognize him from renowned streetwear and sneaker boutique ALIFE. Others might know him from his weekly “Bible Study” party series. Either way, if you know him or not, you will now. Let us put you on to game. Find out how to be the man in your city. Even Drake knows, “This is some old Tommy Campos, Dice Raw sh*t.


MA: What do you do?

D: Nothing man, I don’t do sh*t [Laughs], I’m just a downtown cool kid, I don’t do shit. I don’t work, I don’t do anything.

MA: Naw man, you got a name out here.

D: I just have been around a real long time man. I’m around man, I’m available, I’m working. I’m working. You see me out here.

MA:  So you do a lot of different things. How would you describe what you do?

D: If I had to say what I do, I would say marketing is what I do, like unofficially. Hands on, in the street, f*cking calling this person for that person, to get this person, with that person, to get it done, and that is honestly what I want to do.


D: That was a blessing. I was at Prohibit for a year before that, on Elizabeth Street. I just needed a new job and the manager at the time was a good kid. He saw me around being young and shopping at ALIFE. I was like, “Yo, I need a job. I can’t be where I’m at anymore.” He was like, “I’ll call you in a week.” He called me back 10 minutes later like, “Come in tomorrow.” I talked to the bosses, and I’ve been there since I was like f*cking 20. Since 20 years old. They’re really like my family.

MA: How was that experience while working there?

D: I learned so much. I learned everything in life there. I never really went to school or anything like that. I learned everything from my bosses. It was also different, and umm, it was a crazy experience. I was young, I was a child, and thank God ’cause of the connections. I was able to go to all the parties I did, and I was able to host events before I was 21, and [have] been around so many artists and so much culture, it was crazy. Then I started traveling and sh*t got out of hand.

MA: Where is the craziest place you have traveled?

D: I’ve been to a few places, not so many, but everywhere is crazy for different reasons. My time in Italy is so different from my time in Spain.

MA: What were you doing out there?

D: Nothing, chilling, [Laughs] we were just getting drunk. Shout out to my family in Amsterdam, without them I couldn’t be who I am. I couldn’t do the things I do, from the clothing line to the parties. Everything I do from my art is all Amsterdam inspired. I go out to the Netherlands every year. I love that sh*t out there.

dice the god bible study

MA: Tell us about The City of Gods?

D: The City of Gods is my company. A couple years back I had to open ALIFE L.A. I was out in California for two months and sh*t was popping out there, and those guys were blowing up and killing sh*t. Thank you Dom Kennedy for taking me out every f*cking night. That inspired me and I just really wanted to do something for my city, and I wanted to do some real New York sh*t. Like we are the gods of the city. We are the young n*ggas that can do whatever we want, and it doesn’t take money or whatever. I wanted to document it, but then realized I just can’t do that only for New York. How can we expand this and make it bigger? Maybe we can do this in every city. Just document the sh*t that we do and see.

Dice-the god and-girls

From that started this party called “Bible Study” every Thursday at IMOK. I did one out in Amsterdam. I’m trying to do one in London this year. Hopefully I can also do one in Miami and L.A. and this sh*t is growing right now. I have the clothing line. I got so much sh*t made that I haven’t put out yet. It’s just sitting in a f*cking box. It’s coming I’m just waiting for the right time; actually everything should be dropping this summer. You are definitely seeing the name; I’m throwing mansion parties, so I’m doing something right [Laughs]. People are coming around. Some people are wearing the f*cking shirts and that sh*t is crazy. I sold most of my “Bible Study” tees which is kind of crazy. I just made a tee shirt for the party and people are wearing that sh*t, and I feel good. It’s a blessing.

Dice-the god Bible Study tee

MA: How did “Bible Study” come about? What gave you the idea or motivation?

D: Basically, I’ve always hosted parties. I used to work for Roxy Cottontail. I used to work for Bill Spector. I used to work for Bugsy. Thank you to those guys who gave me my start. Even before that I was hosting for DJ Soul and for whatever reason he left IMOK, the spot I got now. They called me one day like, “You want to do this?” I was like, “Yeah, f*ck it, what I got to do?” I had never done this before. I always wanted my own party; Soul had the hip hop already. He had a nice huge following that he kind of took with him. He has a cult following so I had to really build something from nothing. Like the first few parties were horrible, but I found my niche. At that time nobody was really doing trap parties, so I was like f*ck it, I’m going to do a trap night. We can play trap music. We can play whatever we want. We can put on whomever we want. I hire the DJ’s like within the week. I’ll just hit them up if they’re in town. I hit up Hollywood Holt from Chicago, Siobhan Bell from London, and Vic Crezée from Amsterdam. The list goes on but we have fun, it’s good.

Dice the God and Roxy Cottontail
Dice the God and Roxy Cottontail
Dice the God and Vic Crezee
Dice the God and Vic Crezee

MA: What is the theme behind that?

D: Umm, just keeping it around religion without being too disrespectful. And that’s a hard balance because I don’t want to offend anyone’s religion or whatever.

MA: What would you say is the craziest event you had to put together?

D: That f*cking mansion party I threw a couple weeks back. I did this mansion party on a Friday in the Bronx, on the Grand Concourse during the daytime. Thank you to f*cking Hood Chef, Alex from Black Ink, my partners, the people that own the mansion, Stalley, OG Ron C. Everyone that was on that sh*t from Chase N. Cashe, Black Dave, Bodega Bamz always looks out. I couldn’t have done it without that kid. Everybody that was there man. I brought a couple hundred kids to a mansion in the Bronx that no one even knew existed. It’s been there since the 1920s, and it is an ill space. They have beautiful art shows there and cater beautiful events, movies and stuff like that, so it was an honor to throw my party there.

Dice the God Mansion Party
Mansion Party at Andrew Friedman Home in the Bronx

MA: A lot of the dudes you named right now, you’ve known and seen their come up. Dudes like Stalley, Bodega Bamz, and even someone like Drake before he became the phenomenon he now is. How did those relationships happen and how do you continue to maintain them and stay in contact with those dudes?

D: Funny thing is those are my friends before all the music, before f*cking going platinum, before the albums. Those are all my friends. We just grew up downtown. My OVO family, those guys do the same thing we did in New York but in Canada. Stalley has been family. I’ve known all these guys for years before the music. They are actually my friends. They just all happened to go and make music. It’s weird ’cause, like, I know all those dudes way before music.

Dice-the-God- and Stalley
Dice and Stalley

“They were smart enough to let me do what I want to do. They never gave me any rules, they just like Dice being Dice.”

Dice and Bodega Bamz

MA: Do you remember the first day you met Drake?

D: I know Drake through a good friend of mine from Canada, Oliver. First day I met Drake it was downtown, of course, and we went shopping. Ever since that day we’ve been cool, that’s been my n*gga since a long time ago. I’ve known him for about five or six years already. He always looks out when he’s in town. Honestly, my relationships with all these artist are through Tommy, Thomas Campos, who is like a big brother to me. These are like his friends before they became my friends. Like, I’m tagging along with these guys. I’m tagging along with Tommy, I’m tagging along with Cudi and Oliver, and those guys who are a little older than me. They were smart enough to let me do what I want to do. They never gave me any rules, they just like Dice being Dice. They let me wild out and thank God for it. I have beautiful relationships across the world because of it.

Dice-the-God-Drake, Thomas Campos, Oliver
Dice the God, Drake, Thomas Campos, Oliver

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