Day 3 at the DNC: Interviewing a Trump Supporter, the Snake King, a Button Seller and an “Anarchist”

Videos/Photos: Joshua Scott Albert

Wednesday was day 3 of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and Mass Appeal spent a little less time looking for undercover cops posing as Bernie supporters who don’t actually support Bernie and a little more time talking to some of the characters that were hanging around the rallies.

The Trump Supporter

While we were hanging around a Bernie-or-bust rally watching police surround the religious “Homosex is a sin” bigots for their own safety, we noticed this guy wearing one of those dumb “Make America Great Again” hats, many of which are made in China. Naturally, him being a young white guy at a Bernie-or-bust rally, we needed to know why he was going to be voting for a racist demagogue.

Turns out he had no idea:


The Anarchist
Next up: the big, bad, mask wearing black flag waving Anarchist! This guy actually walked up and sat beside us while we were taking a break in the 1000 degree weather, not wanting to be seen sitting next to him, we got up only to realize that huh, why’s there an Anarchist at a Bernie rally? Bernie’s not an anarchist, he’s not even really a democrat. But before we could get into why he was at a Bernie rally, we wanted to know if he actually knew what the hell he was talking about.

Sure enough, he didn’t!:

The Snake King
There’s been an alpaca in town the past few days that has been showing up to just about about every single rally and the press and camera phones follow–meh. This guy on the other hand, is the Snake King. He deserves that title because any man that walks around in 1000 degree weather with a 5-foot snake wrapped around his neck deserves to be crowned something.

He talked about… snakes:

(Full Disclosure: After the interview we gave him the sweaty $4 we had in our back pocket. Gotta respect the hustle.)

The Button Vendor
There was a guy selling both Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter buttons so we asked him which are you selling more of?

Just a simple question with a simple answer:

Now let’s look at some photos!

Does anyone have any clue what this guy is trying to say?

Listen, make whatever dumb sign you want, but please for the love of God, don’t misappropriate coffee for your political propaganda.

I’m not a fan of Hillary, but like Trump, can we please stop comparing politicians to Hitler and the Nazi Party?

Here we go again with the lack of originality. The only thing that should ever be put in these two spaces _____ _____Matter is “Black Lives.”

This wrong for many of reasons. Here are a few: DNC≠racist fear mongering facist bigotry. DNC≠ lack of protesters. DNC ≠ shitty-ass country stars. DNC≠ An almost entirely white convention. DNC ≠ that dude from Duck Dynasty.

This would have been a perfectly fine mediocre sign–but no, they just had to go and add the Ted Cruz quote from the RNC.

If it wasn’t for the police surrounding these guys, they would have been maimed.

Hippies gone Hippie! Really though, what’s a DNC without some people selling their tie dyes. We didn’t buy one, we don’t respect that hustle.

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