Day 1 at the DNC: Bernie Bros, Birkenstocks, and Lots of Cops

Photos: Joshua Scott Albert

It’s day one of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The city is packed with angry Sanders supporters, press, delegates, cops and everyone else in between. There are black SUV’s driving around along with the Infowars truck (duh), and that activist-guy Vermin Supreme is here (he was also in Cleveland at the RNC). It’s also really fucking hot and humid. Today it’s supposed to reach nearly 100 degrees… Can you feel the Bern?

The vibe in Philly right now is mix of what Occupy felt like in the beginning and what Vermont feels like on any given day — undercover cops everywhere and a whole lot of Birkenstocks and talks of a “revolution.”

First, let’s take a look at some undercovers.

(I asked these guys what agency they were with, they didn’t want to tell me.)

Protests kicked off this morning outside of Philadelphia’s City Hall where about a thousand people gathered with the typical chants of “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE,” and “BERNIE OR BUST.”

There was a march demanding the legalization of weed that was punctuated with two 50 foot inflatable joints…

At one point some asshole driving a convertible with a dog in his lap, a Hillary supporter, stopped his automobile at the Bernie rally and taunted protesters by honking his horn and holding up a cardboard Hillary sign. The angry Bernie supporters and photographers quickly gathered around the car before police had to escort him off. I won’t lie, was really hoping that he would get pulled out and maimed, it would have made for great photographs and taught that guy an important lesson–don’t be a dick.

Anyways, somewhere else in the city, a counter terrorism truck reaped terror on a parked car.


And because it’s Philly, there was this guy selling pretzels.

The largest of the protests are scheduled for later, so we’ll get you some updates shortly afterwards pending riots or terrorism.

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