UK MC Dave Asks All The Right Questions During His Own “Question Time”

The political climate in the western world isn’t exactly hopeful at this point, but British emcee Dave isn’t about to let any of his leaders off the hook for it easily during his “Question Time.” The title refers to an official session of British Parliament during which MPs and Members of the House of Lords have the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister pointed queries about matters of importance to the country. MCs are not normally invited.

“There’s been a lot I’ve been watching in the world for the past year that I haven’t said which I feel like I need to say. So here we are,” he said about the song on Twitter.

During the chilling seven minute track, Dace adds a barrage of very poignant and necessary questions to the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May. Topics range from the UK’s foreign policy and their involvement in the Syrian war, to the trouble his mom had making ends meet as a nurse, to the lie that Brexit would provide the necessary funding for Britain’s National Health Service.

“I just think it’s funny that government has trouble caring for a person that cares for a person,” Dave rhymes.

But it’s not just the country’s leader he has questions for. Donald Trump catches a few bars before Dave points his attention towards those responsible for Grenfell Tower. The huge London public housing project caught fire on June 14, leading to the deaths of—at the very least—80 people. The gruesome fire was greatly exacerbated by inferior building materials, which were knowingly used to cut costs, despite repeated warnings.

“Imagine going to the council for the safety of your block, and you’ve got kids / but they’re ignoring you every time / Anyone that knew about our claddings should really be going to prison / under rule of joint enterprise.”

And it’s not just current rulers who are the target of his solemn but deservedly harsh tone: “David Cameron / You fucked us resigning / sneaked out the firing line / I wanna know how you managed it,” he throws at the former Prime Minister, before he questions whether opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is worth his trust, or will also betray it as soon as he’s in power.

Honestly, you could take powerful quotes from every couple seconds of the song, so you’d better just hit ‘play’ and let Dave tell you what’s up. Because he has some questions that deserve to be heard, and need to be answered.

His new EP Game Over drops November 3rd on Apple Music and Spotify.

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