Photo of VFiles' Danielle Greco from Mass Appeal's Hey, You're Cool! interview, shot by Durty Harry.

Hey, You’re Cool! Danielle Greco

Photography by Durty Harry

The VFiles store in SoHo may be home to some of the hottest names in fashion right now, but that’s not all that can be found inside the shop. Through their eccentric approach to covering fashion and New York City culture, a handful of personalities have flourished through the store’s YouTube channel. Enter Danielle Greco.

The Northeast Philly native was originally hired as the Retail Manager for the shop, but through her infectious charisma and quirky personality soon became the host of “Out Hear,” VFiles’ show that focuses on musician’s hobbies outside of their craft. Presently, Greco doubles as Assistant Buyer and host of her own show, “Danielle Live!,” VFiles’ answer to the QVC shopping network, in which the 24-year old takes viewers through the store’s freshest fashions.

Mass Appeal recently had the chance to catch up with Greco. Thugs Bunny talked preparation for the show, hot dogs, Spice Girl vibez and more. You never know, she might be hosting the next “Mob Wives” reunion special.

Mass Appeal: Why did VFiles decide to let you become an on-air personality?

Danielle Greco: They thought my voice was really funny [Laughs]. I have a really strong Italian accent, so they thought it was hilarious. From there, they were doing “Out Hear,” and they were going through what hosts they wanted to use. Certain people just weren’t working out, so they came to the end of the line and just used me.

MA: Your accent is amazing. I feel like you would probably be a perfect host for a “Mob Wives” Reunion special.

DG: I would be soooo good at that, honestly [Laughs]. Being like, “Gianna, I heard Mario cheated on you with Katie. What’re you gonna do?!” Lala, move over right now. Maybe one day, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I still want to be a normal person with a normal job.

MA: How did “Danielle Live!” come about?

DG: We had VFSN first, which is VFiles Shopping Network. It was like QVC. I pretty much played my mother, who’s like most middle-aged Italian women, and rolled with it. It was really funny and it worked. We sold a lot of merchandise from it. No one was doing anything like it. I remember our video guy was cutting it and said, ‘I don’t even need to edit this, it’s hilarious.’ From there, they asked me if I wanted to do a live show.

MA: What kind of preparation did you do for the show?

DG: Before we started filming VFSN we watched a half hour of Mariah Carey on QVC specials. She was selling her butterfly merchandise and her catch phrase was, “I’m having a moment.” We were amazed that she had these little sayings she would use over and over all the time. She says, “I’m having a Mariah moment!”

MA: So what’s your saying?

DG: I don’t really have one, but I say vibes with a “z” way too much on that show and I need to stop saying it. It’s just so simple to say orange vibez.

Photo of Danielle Greco from Mass Appeal's Hey, You're Cool! interview, shot by Durty Harry.

MA: What’s the deal with your “evil style?”

DG: Recently, I’ve gotten that I have an evil style, but I think it’s just my black hair. However, I feel like my evil style is kind of a nod at horrorcore. Everyone knows I’m a huge horrorcore fanatic and am rooting for it to come back. It kind of just works with my eyebrows so I go with it, honestly [Laughs].

MA: On that note, Elvira, the Mistress or Morticia Addams?

DG: Morticia. Elvira’s such a thot, literally. Morticia is quiet and reserved. Her husband just kisses her arms as she throws her head back all the time. That’s more my vibez.

MA: What would a guy have to say to get your attention on social media?

DG: That they’ll send me flowers. Some kids have. I’m obsessed with getting flowers. Other than that, there’s nothing that you can really say on social media to get my attention.

Photo of Danielle Greco, shot by Durty Harry for Mass Appeal.

MA: What’s the meanest thing someone has said to you on social media?

DG: I’m always surprised that I don’t get that much slack, because I put myself out there. But I was at a Macklemore concert, for whatever reason okay?! A friend recently got tickets and asked me to go with her. I said okay, just as long as she bought me a hot dog. So, we go to Macklemore and I posted a picture thinking nothing of it. I swear to god I’ve never gotten more hate on my Instagram than that moment. Kids went in. “Danielle, are you serious? Are you really listening to Macklemore?” 17-year-old boys were going crazy unfollowing me.

MA: Are those your biggest fans?

DG: Yes, the only people who like me or talk to me are 16-year-olds, for whatever reason that may be [Laughs]. Honestly, it just scares me. I don’t know if I’m really regressing in my personality and becoming child-like, but something’s happening.

MA: Wait, so you said you would go see Macklemore if your friend bought you a hot dog. You like hot dogs?

DG: I love hot dogs! [Laughs]

MA: What brand are you fucking with?

DG: Honestly, I always lean towards Ball Park Franks because they just look cleaner, plus they have the baseball on the packaging. But like, Oscar Meyer! The cheese dogs, Oscar Meyer. Beef? Ballpark Franks [Laughs].

MA: I’m looking at you and getting Spice Girl vibes. Which Spice Girl would you be?

DG: That’s a great question, because I have discussed this multiple times. If Posh Spice dressed like Sporty Spice, but acted really rude and was outspoken like Ginger Spice, that’s who I would be. ‘Girl Power’ is how I’m gonna end that one.

MA: Any last words?

DG: Designers should make their entries for VFiles Made Fashion, it’s gonna be insane. Come shop at the store, it’s bomb. And stay in school, even though everyone disagrees with that!

Catch “Danielle Live!” every Friday on the VFiles YouTube Channel.

Photo of Danielle Greco for Mass Appeal, shot by Durty Harry.

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