PREMIERE: Cypress Hill “Reefer Man” Video

Ever since the early ’90s Cypress Hill has been representing for cannabis culture with ganja-themed jams like “Stoned Is The Way of the Walk” and “Hits From The Bong.” While Sen Dog, B-Real, DJ Muggs and drummer Eric Bobo have all remained active—and still smoke hella weed—they haven’t blessed fans with a full project since Rise Up in 2010. You might have caught their new song “Reefer Man” when the movie Grow House dropped a few months back (4/20 to be exact).

The song’s video—which MASS APPEAL premieres today—was shot in one day on the set of BRealTV in downtown L.A. This smoked-out selection comes from the Elephants on Acid sessions. Consider it your first taste of the first new Cypress Hill album in almost a decade.

We had discussed about going back and working with Muggs,” Sen Dog recently told MASS APPEAL by phone during a break from a studio session with his new band, called Powerflo. “B was really into it. We hadn’t worked with him for 9 or 10 years.”

“I will say that its a very interesting-sounding album,” Sen added. “Muggs is still DJ Muggs when it comes down to those wicked sounds and stuff like that. When we first came out, people thought our sound was weird. This is that same kind of record. You might have to listen to it two or three times because you might not hear it all at first. No one knows the psycho vibes better than the original ones who created it.”


Reflecting on recent changes in America’s marijuana policy, Sen Dog offered some valuable perspective. “Yes I think it’s a huge step for the culture,” he said. “The changes are good but it’s hard to know where things stand from one day to the next. It was legal last week and illegal this week kind of thing. There are some things that have happened, cities that open up and then all of a sudden we see them shutting down and shops getting raided. Let’s move in one direction,” he urges. “I’m glad to see that medical usage has been legalized. A lot of people would like to see it completely legal.” 

As far as herb culture itself, which Cypress Hill has been credited with helping to make mainstream. “Fashion wise, music, wise, trendsetting wise, I’m glad to see the direction it’s taken,” says Sen. “Most of the stigma is off the marjuana plant. For a long time people would look at it like heroin.”

As far as new-age ganja technology such as vapes and dabs, Sen Dog prefers to keep it simple. “I’m just a good old pothead,” he says with a laugh. “I’ve never in my wildest dreams thought I’d see some of the things I’ve seen now. I don’t get too crazy with it. I got a couple of bongs… When my nephews  come over they’re vaping and dabbing, but I’d rather roll up a good old kush joint.”

Sen Dog, B-Real, and DJ Muggs in 1994 / Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records

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