Off The Cuff: The Cuffin’ Season Calendar Explained

Cuffin Season Calendar: Game of Cuffs

Gentlemen, the temperature’s dropping and Cuffin’ Season Calendar is upon us. No more rooftop open bars, no more AC blasting in the bedroom , and no more ladies in cut-offs. We say goodbye to some summer flings and “what’s up?” to those who’ll become our fall/winter friends-with-benefits or even significant others.

It’s that time of the year where men and women begin to look for a cold-weather counterpart to help warm up those chilly evenings. We want to make sure you’re not left out in the cold with nothing but Wonder Years re-runs and Quaker Oatmeal to keep you warm.

But how does one make the right choices and moves in this crucial time? There’s rules to this shit, and someone actually wrote a manual.We recently sat down with the creator of Toy Sldrs clothing line, Dennis Joseph, to discuss his popular Cuffin’ Season Calendar.

The “Cuff God” tells us how the Cuffin Season Calendar came about, what to be on the lookout for and why Drake makes things that much more difficult.

Winter is coming. Prepare yourself for the “Game of Cuffs.”

Mass Appeal:  So you’re the mastermind behind Cuffin’ Season?

Dennis:  What it became wasn’t what I planned. Like I didn’t have this master plan, you know what I mean? Last year, it was something I did for fun. And it just kinda got viral.

The Twitter community was a little smaller back then, but I noticed that the calendar was getting really, really big.

Yeah, I never spoke about it. One day, one of my co-workers was like, “Yo, check this out.” And when she brought me over, she was on Facebook. I saw it and thought it was amazing cause I didn’t bring this up to anyone. To the point where it go to her, I just thought that was really crazy.

Do people at your job know you’re behind it?

Uh, nah I try to keep that separate. [Laughs] I keep that to myself.

Yeah, we feel you man. Gotta keep that split between professional and personal sometimes. Shit’ll get real on you.

Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t want my worlds mixing.

In the world of memes, gif battles, and Twitter in general, it’s a really original take on a social phenomenon. Like people know, “OK, it’s that time. It’s Cuffin’ Season.” What made you decide to do a calendar?

I follow a lot of people on Twitter and it’s something that just came up one day. People were talking about relationships. And I thought it was so funny that nobody really addresses it in detail. It’s kind of like a subconscious thing where you know it’s getting colder and you’re not hanging out like you used to during summer time. So now you’re looking for someone, cause all your friends are getting in relationships and stuff and you’re rolling around by yourself.

Makes perfect sense.

Actually, the first calendar before the Cuffin’ Season calendar was a break up calendar.

Dude. [Laughs] Just planning it all out, huh?

Yeah. It was like a month break down. Theres’s a point where you’re in a relationship and they start nitpicking at things. Like where you keep the remote. You ain’t buy any juice.. there’s like no juice in the fridge. You realize, OK maybe this is it.


You could systematically break that down, where if you were tryna break up with a person, you could try to keep it clean, without just ignoring their calls. Like you could just start nitpicking. Just to kinda get on their nerves a little bit [laughs]. ‘Til they get to the point where they’re like, “OK, you know what I think we need to break up.” And you’re just like, “I agree.”

So basically you can just walk out..

. . . Scott free. You don’t look like the bad guy.

Then you can come back when you want?

Exactly. That was the whole point of it. And that led into the whole Cuffin’ Season thing.

Well yeah, folks were probably like, “You got me out of my relationship.”

Yeah. And now how do I get into another one?

(Laughs) Word. Well we see you’ve got it in almost a sports format. I mean, it’s got a pre-season.

I mean, that’s one thing I take into everything I do. I like to be organized. I feel that the calendar makes it easier. Instead of just giving a blog form, cause not everyone wants to read all the time. But if you give them something they can just look at it works.

Cuffing Season 2012 August September

It’s super detailed. Like it’s fuckin’ color-coded. You can even see if you’re falling behind.


So what would you say pre-season really consists of?

Pre-season is kinda like towards the end of the summer.. kinda like now. You know it’s gonna start getting cold.

Word. It’s getting chilly out now.

The pre-season is where you start looking around for people . . . it’s subconscious. People start with the “Hey stranger.” texts. People were twitpic-ing texts and hitting me up like “Yo, I’m getting ‘Hey stranger’ texts” I was like, “OK, yeah. I told you, this is going to happen.”


The whole point it, I’m trying to get you started before all that starts taking place. You can be ahead of the curve. You’ve already found a person that you’re trying to talk to. You’re already starting to put in that work. By the time they start getting those “Hey stranger” texts, you’re good. Yours looks more organic . . . I mean.. you SHOULD generally have interest in them.

[Laughs] Of course, of course.

[Laughs] So yeah.. that’s the whole point of Pre-season: to prep yourself early.

What’s with all these sad faces on the side? Oh, wait.. it’s called “Sadder Day”?

Damn, I just got another text about [the calendar]. . . Um . . .  the whole point of “Sadder Day”, that wasn’t really something I did. If you look at last year’s it wasn’t there. That was something I added. I felt like between that calendar and now, there’s so much that happened with Twitter. It’s a giant community. So what I wanted to do with this calendar and take some of the things I’ve observed people use on a regular basis and condense that.

So, the Sadder Day thing was this thing that kinda started from this guy named Nerd[AtTheCoolTable]. You know Nerd.

We’re aware of who he is. Dude is hilarious.

Yeah, they kinda started that whole Sadder Day thing. So I contacted him and told him I was starting another calendar. I told him I wanted to involved that in the calendar. The Sadder Day thing is a reminder as the season goes along. If the calendar’s not working out for you, you’re pretty much taking that in every weekend. Hopefully you’re busy during the week. You got a job, school or whatever. On the weekends you’re free. If you have nothing to do or no one to hang out with and everybody’s starting to pair up, you’re just by yourself. Sadder day just reminds you.

That does sound really sad. Shit. So hopefully your weekend isn’t full of frowny faces. As I look at the calendar, it gets worse. Of course the saddest point being Marvin’s Week.

[Laughs] Yeah.

So social media is the platform, but it seems to enrich the calendar’s content as well as spread the word.

Yeah, that helps. That’s kinda what sparked a lot of the new things you see on this year’s calendar. A perfect example is when NBA 2K12 came out. I thought it was absolutely hilarious that you would just see random single women talking about why they would buy this game IF they had a boyfriend. I thought that was hilarious. I’m sure it’s going to fall right into play again this year.

You could really just search them and you could see where I got the idea from. Just from observing people on twitter it helped me put the calendar together.

Right. So next I gotta ask what exactly is a #twitterhoney?

That is another extension of 2K13 thing. @FastTimesAtRf came up with that. The whole idea behind that is, making yourself seem better than you are. So you know, there’s always that one girl that’s trying to fit in. You could be talking about something like wrestling and all the other women are like, “Whatever” but she’s just that one girl that states “Yeah! I like wrestling too!” Then you say something like “Yeah . . . I like black and white couches.” and then she chimes in and says “Whoa! I like black and white couches too!” She’s just on Twitter saying whatever to just seem perfect in your eyes. That’s how the term came up.

Cuffing Season 2012 October

So that’s a “Charlene.” But what about Charles?

The guy behind is @idisrespecthoez, but um . . . the idea of Charles is, let’s say you have a girl and she has a guy friend. Well that guy, may happen to like her, and he’s gonna try to make you look bad. He might not do it blatantly, but you know, he’ll make those little comments. Let’s say you DID get NBA 2K13. You’re girl is tryna talk to you on the phone, but you’re playing with the Dream Team and you’re really focused. You don’t really care about the conversation at the moment, so she hangs up. She calls him up like “I can’t believe my boyfriend. He’s playing video games and not paying attention to me.” And he’s like “Well you know… if I was with you, I wouldn’t play games.”


You know those types of dudes. Well they gave the name “Charles” to that guy that’s always trying to low-key mess with what you’ve got going on.

Yeah, there’s that dude with the contrived messages who is just hating under the guise of being a friend. 

Yeah, that guy who is talking to girls he doesn’t even know like, “I don’t know why you dealing with all that. If you was with someone like me you would have ALL my time. I mean, I don’t even got own a video game console.” I’m like, “Are you serious?”

Well what stands out the most on this calendar is Marvin’s Week. Which apparently leads up to the saddest day of the year. 

You know, Drake is a really emotional guy. I like Drake, but he’s a really emotional guy. Last year his album dropped on a Tuesday, during the season. And you’ve got tracks like “Marvin’s Room” and those songs are really just playing on you. It’s like 2 in the morning and you’re sitting there listening to “Marvin’s Room.” You’re not going to sleep. You’re gonna be hitting up random people like “Hey stranger.”

Cuffing Season 2012 November

 A whole week of that? That’s sick. I mean just look at the faces that he’s making on the calendar. 


So.. at that point you’re either cuffed or you’re not huh?

I mean you’re either celebrating or it’s all downhill from there.

Is there no hope past Marvin’s Week? 

There’s still that possibility. But the way I look at it is if you’re… I don’t want to make it sound like you’re left with scraps…


But at the same time understand that if other people are into Cuffin’ Season, most eligible women are already taken. So you’re kinda just left with . . . whatever’s left.

So at that point, you’re just tryna get by?

[Shrugs] I mean . .  .

Aight, so Cuffin’ Season end after February?

I would say February you could start wrapping it up.

Just like that?

I mean you don’t necessarily have to. You could even stretch it to March, cause it’s still kind of cold. But I’d say definitely by like Good Friday, that’s it. That’s the mark. You should not be past that. If you’re past Good Friday, you’re in a full fledged relationship.

Well you have the break-up calendar to get them out of it.

Yeah, I may need to do an updated one for this year.

Have you found anyone that has bit your style?

Yeah, I mean I’m flattered by it a bit. If no one really bites, then you’re not really making an impact. Think about brands like Supreme. You can find tons of Box Logo imitations, because people love the brand so much they try to mimic it.

I’ve definitely come across a couple. People sometimes send me links like “Yo, look at this dude biting what you done.” They went after this one dude real vicious. They went at his neck. I hit him like “Yo it’s cool. If you want to rock with it, rock with it. But just gimme a shout out.” You know, this is something that started out as a joke to me.

Well the calendar has become the face of Cuffin’ Season. Wait.. What day is today? 

You should definitely be giving that person a call.

You’ve seen success stories?

Yeah, someone hit me up just today saying, “The calendar worked for me, and well . . . I got married off of it.”

Holy shit.  


Have you found anyone getting upset because the calendar hasn’t worked for them?

I mean, they don’t really put that on me. They just didn’t really try. What I did with the calendar is take something that we all do and put it in the calendar form. We might not talk about it, but everyone gets those calls, texts start getting more frequent. It’s natural. I just put it in a form where you can hold it in your hand.

We’re gonna put this up in the office. Everyone needs to know about this. If we can make a suggestion.. The next thing you should help people tackle: How to navigate through the friend zone.

That’s gonna take a while. That’s tough. [laughs]

For more info regarding Cuffin’ Season check out the Cuff God’s Website.

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