uber-graffiti Crime

Twenty Pounds of Fentanyl and Heroin Found In an Upper West Side Apartment

That's enough to knock out half the city
Pablo_Escobar Crime

Twenty-Six Years Ago, Pablo Escobar Was Arrested (Kind Of)

An extended stay at Club Medellín
chicago_gang_lead Crime

Vintage Map of Chicago’s Gang Hideouts Shows They’ve Been There a Long Time

Some things change...
Chicago_police_gang_rival_territory Crime

Chicago Cops Dropped Off Uncooperative Gang Members In Rival Territory

Serve and protect, as long as you snitch
19437624579_88eab701c8_b Crime

Mexico Celebrates Trump Inauguration by Sending El Chapo to the States

The drug kingpin threatened Trump's life back in July
police_safety_video_801 Crime

Hilarious Police Safety Video From the ’80s Will Show You How Cops See the World

What dimension is this?
krispy_kreme_black_lives_matter Crime

Cops Complain That Krispy Kreme Wrote Black Lives Matter on Doughnut Box

We hope the cops will survive
ftlauderdale_shooter_footage Crime

Footage of Fort Lauderdale Shooter’s First Horrifying Moments Released

Esteban Santiago has confessed to the crime
snapchat_chicken_racist_student Crime

Teen Shares Racist Video of Fellow Student Eating Chicken, Gets ‘Whupping’ He De...

Both face charges
chicago_murder_rate_2016 Crime

Chicago’s Murder Rate in 2016 Hit Its Highest Levels in Two Decades

Any hope of a better year went out the window
man_tests_cop_theory_shot Crime

Man Tests Theory That All Cops Are Good, Gets Shot 12 Times

Some theories should just stay theories
Dylann Storm Roof Crime

Dylann Roof Wants to Be a Martyr, the Jury Shouldn’t Let That Happen

Fuck what he wants
Knife_Cream_Man Crime

Ice Cream Bandit Brandishes Knife In NYC Bodega, Demands To Be Recorded On Faceb...

"Now I'mma eat it whether you like it or not. Right or Wrong?"
toilet_prison_break Crime

Dirty Deeds: Tennessee Inmates Escape Through a Broken Toilet

Five have been captured and one remains at large
baking_soda_mass_appeal Crime

Ohio Supreme Court: FOH With That Stepped On Shit, How Much Real Cocaine Is In T...

"The state must prove that the weight of the actual cocaine, excluding the weight of any filler materials, meets the statutory thr...
nypd_posts_snapchat_warrent Crime

NYPD Reportedly Raids Wrong House and Mocks Victims on Snapchat

"If he does that what other things he does on the low that nobody knows?" - Victim