Cop on Cop Action Pops Off in Florida

When it comes to law enforcement, the boys in blue tend to get a bad rap… or earn it. We’ve all come across instances of police brutality, unfair treatment— hell, we all remember when “Stop and Frisk” was more talked about than Kim Kardashian-WEST* and her allegedly altered posterior.

Down in America’s new place for all sorts of shenanigans, aka Florida, a peculiar situation went down. During what appeared to be a routine traffic stop, an officer in uniform stepped up to the driver’s window and began some routine questioning. If you’ve ever been pulled over, then you know the one thing you’re not supposed to do once the cop comes up to the window: get out of the car. However, this driver wasn’t having it.

The door swings open, the officer is struck— you can pretty much guess what goes down next. No spoilers, we’ll let you take a look at the melee. Let’s just say back up came through on some “stampeding wildebeests in The Lion King” type steez, K-9 units and all. Interestingly enough, the due being detained is a Lieutenant. Womp, womp.

Hit the video player up top to watch chaos ensue, trust us you’ll want to see this. Word is both of the cops involved got suspended, and the Mayor is feeling a whole heap of shame:

“It really looks bad because it’s right in the middle of Flagler and you have a plainclothes officer fighting another officer,” he said.

[h/t Gawker, Bradenton Herald]

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