charlie-murphy Comedy

Charlie Murphy’s Last Laugh

Much more than Eddie's big brother
louis-ck-greenroom Comedy

Louis C.K. is the Latest Comedian to Release a Netflix Special

We'll take any laughs we can get
chris-rock-dave-chappelle-onstage Comedy

Hot Boys Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Hit New Orleans

Pookie Meets Tyrone Biggums
MarkNormand Comedy

Mark Normand’s Favorite Dave Chappelle Bit(s)

"Sesame Street"
comedy-cellar-mass-chappelle_720 Comedy

A Night at the Comedy Cellar Without Dave Chappelle

It's still a good time
Dan Soder Mass Chapelle interview Comedy

Dan Soder’s Favorite Dave Chapelle Bit

"The Olympic premature ejaculator"
Andrew Sculz Comedy

Andrew Schulz’s Favorite Dave Chappelle Bit

"The Whore's Uniform"
Teletubbies_Missy_Elliot Comedy

Watch The Teletubbies Get Their Freak On

Drugs not Included
this_is_spinal_tap_trump Comedy

The Donald Gets the Spinal Tap Treatment in Unhinged Interview Clip

These go to 11
key_and_peele_last_angry_obama Comedy

Key & Peele Do Their Last Obama Anger Translator Sketch Ever

Maybe now, Obama can be angry in public for himself
passenger_hell Comedy

Is This the World’s Worst Airline Passenger Ever? Kumail Nanjiani Makes A Strong...

"He walks off the plane. No police is waiting for him. No justice. He adjusts his belt, and the monster blends into a crowd."
hannibal_buress_comedy Comedy

Hannibal Buress Tosses Deplorable Out of NYC Comedy Show

"I'm not even that mad at all. I just wanted to set a tone and a precedent."
chris_rock_new_tour_9 Comedy

Chris Rock is Hitting the Road With First Tour in 9 Years

Roll with the new
trump_snl_mass_appeal Comedy

Alec Baldwin Tells Trump He’ll Stop Impersonating Him When He Releases His Tax R...

"Mr. Trump, please stop retweeting all these random real people. You’re not getting any work done."
Wyatt Cenac Comedy

Wyatt Cenac Releases Free Comedy EP Dealing With the New Presidency

"Donald Trump is president. I really hope that is not the deal with the devil Chicago Cubs fans made"
did-you-hear-about-ric-flair Comedy

Did You Hear About: Ric Flair Tells Crazy Drinking Stories, A New Comedy Central...

We wonder who will headline the new festival