Chloe Sevigny Kids New York Party

BPM LWR LVL’s August Debut in Tribeca

Chloe Sevigny Kids New York Party

Your fear of missing out finally came true. If you were one of the few kewl ppl NOT at the debut night of BPM LWR LVL at TriBeCa Grand’s new basement studio P-A-R-T-Y, then you missed the beautiful (yet blasphemously ephemeral) union of BPM LWR LVL with Ashland Mines’ Blasting Voice closing party. The musical union in this case was Giraffage, Rizzla, Dr. Jeep, Nguzunguzu, Mike Q, Total Freedom (did I forget anyone?). What do you even do with all those fries added to that shake? Party Dad, Jason Scott shed a single tear for his dream line-up.

Resident DJs NiRE & Mess Kid held down the BPM fort as usual, while special guests Giraffage & Dr. Jeep kept the dancefloor sweaty and vibrating. Jeep blasted his new single “Luv Them Hoes” with Obey City, and we all dropped it low while holding our Octavia Butler novels in a feminist performance art piece.

After months of wearing out YouTube with my Girraffage hunts, and sneak dancing to his escapist sexyjam “Visible,” with my buttcheeks (is this Kegeling?) on the subway, seeing Giraffage live was a yearning daydream come true. The collective unconscious of all the yung party folk concurred. The impromptu super special guests Nguzunguzu, back to back with Mike Q, followed by Total Freedom was almost too crazy to aurally handle. Rizzla led the thrusting and cooking into the morning with all the right dancehall and Banshee sweetness. The party gods had blessed us.

Saturday was gloriously blurry, but here are some more things that definitely happened:

1. EVERYBODY DANCED: ladies, weirdos, guys, gays, the carpet guy that you sometimes step on at parties, rolled that shit out and did the Heel Toe on it. I think a Conga line formed by accident at one point.

2. Chloë Sevigny lurked around (it was one of her slower lurks, so I think that means she was… happy…) and validated everyone’s ego for like 10 minutes.

3. Shane Oliver came through with Arca and a rhinestone shape up. Puerto Rican barbers everywhere blushed.

4. Physical Therapy, Oneman, J-Cush & Telfar were spotted in the heat of the dancefloor.

5. Haley Wollens’ made everyone jealous with her perfectly creme overalls. Painting My House on a Sunday Chic. Car Mechanic Chic. Thayat Chic. Breezy Midriff Chic.

6. Spank Rock was at the cool shit… doin’ cool shit.

7. LE1f was our party beacon at 7-foot-5 in monster black platforms.

8. And finally, Obey City’s Twitter (aka THE NY TIMES) says that Paulie Shore was there smelling people’s farts and guessing what they ate (Firecracker Ice Pops, Diet Red Bull and Shame)


Total Freedom Rizzla Nguzu MikeQ BPM LWR LVL

Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC

Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC

Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC

Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC


Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC

Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC

BPM LWR LVL Jason Scott Henderson


BPM LWR LVL Mass Appeal Party

BPM LWR LVL Mass Appeal Party

BPM LWR LVL Mass Appeal Party

BPM LWR LVL Mass Appeal Party

BPM LWR LVL Mass Appeal Party

BPM LWR LVL Mass Appeal Party DOMBER

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