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Boaz “Psycho Killa” ft Sean Price and Illa Ghee

The Shining Crazy Door Mad Psycho Sucka MCs pack your bags up and get the stepping, more or less. I mean for real though, with lines like, “Sucka n*ggaz trying to wear camouflage. You n*ggaz only tough around the entourage,” a brother like myself can only assume that Pittsburgh’s (and Rostrum Records’ newest signee) Boaz isn’t playing any games. Hell, not with an !llmind-produced single dubbed “Psycho Killa” that features OG barbarian rappers Sean Price and Illa Ghee. C’mon gods, are you kiddin’ me right now? Two lines off this tune can lyrically extort most so-called thug rappers. It’d probably strip them for their clothes, robs them of their petty cash, and sell their own toughness back to them at an exorbitantly higher price. This is the kind of music that makes Rat Lord happy. Happy to know that while your “favorite rappers” fake the thug life endorsement-deal funk, cats like Boaz can keep it gritty and hard-hittin’.

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