Open Space: Blac Youngsta

“I pray God don’t never take this shit from me,” says Blac Youngsta, the Memphis rapper whose infectious personality threatened to upstage Lil Yachty in their recent music video “Hip Hopper.” Signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint, Youngsta recently founded his own Heavy Camp label. “I’m blessed! I’m happy, bro! It scare me at times. Sometimes I just get scared. Like, I know I ain’t got Jay Z money and Gotti money. But Bruh—I’m good. I’m satisfied. I’m happy with where my life taking me.”

During a recent visit to MASS APPEAL HQ, Youngsta took time out for an Open Space interview—and soon turned the video chat into a prayer meeting. “God thank you for everything you done for me,” Blac Youngsta said, he head bowed down low. “Thank you for watching over me when I go in these clubs, watching over my fans. Thank you for believing in me, cause I know you been doin’ it from the get go. Thank you for placing me right here, to do this interview with one of the most major-est peoples in the game right now, MASS APPEAL… Thank you Jesus. Amen.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Youngsta opened up about overcoming hard times as a youth growing up in Memphis. “I never cared about doing homework,” he admits. “I never cared about going to school. I never cared about that. I had other shit on my mind. To feed my little brothers. To make sure grandma can pay this rent next month. Things that a child should not have to be worried about. So a lot of people misunderstood me. They under-estimate me real hard.”

He describes his song “One Bedroom House” as a realistic account of his struggle, what he calls Memphis real. “I come from the hood,” he explains. “A lot of people don’t know, I was po. Like, I literally had nothing. I come from nothing. I’m like the underdog. So I had to work at the store for food, bro. People worked for money. I never worked for money. I worked for food.” He says he’s still trying to move his grandmother out the one-bedroom house where he grew up. “The same little raggedy house in the hood,” he says. “And I’m a millionaire now.”

It recent weeks, Youngsta has been in the news for turning himself in to police investigating a shooting that targeted Memphis rapper Young Dolph. Youngsta steadfastly maintains his innocence—humorously pointing out that there’s an expensive watch on his wrist, not handcuffs. He also says that “Birthday,” the first song he released after being released from custody, is “true facts.” The chorus of the song was just something catchy, he says, but the verses are “how I can explain what’s really goin’ on.”

As Blac Youngsta puts it, “I went through some shit, bruh, to get to where I’m at.” With that said, he’s seen enough to be able to tell what’s really important. “I don’t give a fuck what nobody think about me,” he says. “When I first came in the care I used to care when they speak on me. What niggas say about me and shit. Now I just don’t care. God blessed me, bro. What more do I have to ask for?” Peep the full video up top.

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