Baltimore Police Department
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More Dumb Baltimore Cops Film Themselves Planting Drugs

When the Baltimore Police Department is not busy killing people in the back of their transport vans, mishandling rape allegations and just being generally corrupt fucks, one of their other favorite pastimes seems to be being complete idiots and filming themselves planting drugs on Baltimore residents.

Last month a BPD crew was caught planting drugs to make arrests because they didn’t know that when you turn on a body camera it captures the 30 seconds prior to the moment the record button is pushed. Their illegal actions led to one man being incarcerated for months because of his inability to pay his bail. Luckily, that man’s charges were dropped after their body cam footage was revealed.

According CBS This Morning, now it looks like some of their coworkers did the same.

The really scary part of this trend, and not just within Baltimore, is when you think about many officers around the country have been planting drugs for decades prior to body cameras existing. An even scarier thought is what else officers may be planting (i.e. weapons) if they kill a person.

In this most recent incident, charges against two individuals have been dismissed after it was revealed that several officers colluded to plant evidence inside a suspect’s car and were also dumb enough to film themselves doing it.

Debbie Katz Levi, the head of the Baltimore City Public Defender Special Litigation Section (who is representing two victims of this BPD’s drug planting), said, “The lack of transparency to the public and refusal to disclose to the defense both prejudices defendants and violates the prosecutor’s constitutional obligations.”

This problem is proving to be so bad in Baltimore that Police Commissioner Kevin Davis released a memo telling the department, “In the event your body worn camera is not activated during the recovery of evidence, under no circumstances shall you attempt to recreate the recovery of evidence after re-activating your body worn camera.”

The BPD also issued a statement saying they are investigating the matter, but really here’s a better suggestion: Fire everyone and start all over.

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