Physical Graffiti: Mass Appeal BACK!

When I came on board at Mass Appeal, they were 19 issues in. I had watched the progression of the magazine over the years and I’d become a fan. Earlier on, I’d reached out to Mass Appeal to tell ‘em that I really dug what they were doing. I got the company voicemail, which was a dusty answering machine in Pat “Sire” Elasik and Adrian “Stren” Moeller’s apartment. I understood the power of the progression because my first foray into the world of publishing came by way of graffiti ‘zine I’d created ten years earlier. I understood the jump Mass Appeal had made from having photos of graffiti on the cover to having Rakim Allah and Eminem on the cover—two of the most important voices in the history of popular music.

Way back when, before I came on board as Editorial Director of the stunning print version, Mass Appeal had really gifted folks involved with the production of the book. I knew that whatever I came to the table with had to be on par with what had already been established. I believed that a young Noah Callahan-Bever would be THE whippersnapper who could help take things to another level, and my instincts were correct. Noah is now the Editor-In-Chief of Complex, and he has nurtured, and has continued to work with many of the same folks who helped to make Mass Appeal so dang fresh. That’s what the Rev. Jesse Jackson would call “nation building.” I have that same faith in a young man named Richard “Treats” Dryden, and I believe that his passion—combined with the great efforts of the ever-expanding Mass Appeal/Decon family—will take the Mass Appeal legacy to new heights, and pump the nation up bigger still.

Mass Appeal is a network of ideas and people who do real things in the real world. Social networking is one thing, building a nation of people who produce is another. And while we’ve got ambitious plans, we realize that getting to the top of the mountain is gonna be a serious hike (we’re in the “Beta” stage, friend). Put your boots on, pack a lunch in your backpack and step lively with us. You’ll see the illest purple mountain majesties and then some.

A yo, Pat: we’re still putting you up.

Mass Appeal

We Curate.
We Participate.
We Dictate.

Sacha Jenkins SHR
March 2012

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