Azikiwe Mohammed’s “Frequent Aberrations”

Photographer Azikiwe Mohammed’s “Frequent Aberrations” project has taken him across the country in search of oddity, commonality and answers to life’s questions through the medium of photography. Sound complicated? Well, read what Mohammed has to say about the project and check out images from it below. For more see his  exhibition beginning tomorrow at 7 Dunham in Brooklyn, NY and go to his Kickstarter project page.
“For the past three years I have been re-shooting Stephen Shore’s “Uncommon Places,” and in doing so have seen a wide swath of the country and met a diverse offering of its inhabitants. From Gus  who is 15 and has a chronic blood disease which has him diddy-bopping in and out of the hospital every three weeks to DJ Smooth who hoped by me putting the still images we took together on YouTube he would become (more) famous. (Later after warnings from local younger gangbangers about policia he decided he wanted them mailed to his home instead.)
Airplanes are for getting places, trains are a vacation on wheels, and the bus is a transport of necessity. Most people who ride the bus are looking for an answer to questions yet unformed. I am riding the bus while I make this work because I want to focus on making photos and not the other set of concerns that comes from driving. As I look for answers to my own riddles do mine and my fellow passengers paths mingle and the resultant relationships are images. These are the people I meet as I look for Stephen Shores pictures from decades past. My father passed when I was in my early twenties as did Stephen’s. I made a body of photographs in hopes to navigate my emotions around but hat did not work. When Stephen was trying to navigate his emotions for the same reasons he made Uncommon Places. I guessed if I re-made “Uncommon Places” maybe his journey would help quell where mine did not. Thus far it has helped, but to what degree I can only tell by the faces that stare out at me from these images I make, providing me the mirror I have been denied for so long.”



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