Rhett Jones

carl_sagan_advice_on_bullshit Science

Carl Sagan’s Tips For Detecting Bullshit Will Get You Through This Bullshit

We're gonna need it
lunar_temple_esa_lead Science

‘Lunar Temple’ Planned for the Moon by European Space Agency

To the moon!
flying_lotus_kuso_gross Film

Flying Lotus Debuts ‘Grossest Film Ever Made,’ Audience Walks Out

'I tried to warn folks' he says about Sundance attendees
maxresdefault News

The Official Doomsday Clock Has Rocketed Forward With Dire Warning

The clock is used to estimate likelihood of global disaster
ICP_protest_washington Music

ICP to Lead a Juggalo March on Washington, DC

minnesota_law_prostest_violates Politics

Watch a Hero Shut Down Lawmakers Who Just Made it Legal to Sue Protestors

The bill will allow police to sue protesters for overtime pay
john_wick_michael_jackson Film

Watch a John Wick Fight Scene That’s Voiced By Michael Jackson

Hee Heeee!
trump_womens_march_us_not_a_democracy Politics

The U.S. Has Officially Lost Its Status as a Full Democracy

It was fun while it lasted
star_trek_interracial_kiss TV

How Shatner Screwed the System to Get TV’s First Interracial Kiss on Star Trek

"Just one more take."
trump_mariachi_lead Politics

Trump Continues to Insist the Election Was Illegitimate and He’s Cool With That

He won, so it's fine
chicago_gang_lead Crime

Vintage Map of Chicago’s Gang Hideouts Shows They’ve Been There a Long Time

Some things change...
free_throw_noah_worst Sports

This May Go Down as the Worst Free Throw in NBA History

Nothin' but air
moonlight_oscar_nominations1 Film

‘La La Land’ and ‘Moonlight’ Lead the 2017 Oscar Nominations

Chicago_police_gang_rival_territory Crime

Chicago Cops Dropped Off Uncooperative Gang Members In Rival Territory

Serve and protect, as long as you snitch
shitbag News

The Very Best Remixes of Nazi-Bro Getting Punched In the Face

Yeah, it's okay
daft_punk_sean_spicer Politics

White House Press Secretary Thinks Daft Punk Needs to Grow Up

Spicer did not 'Get Lucky' this weekend