Lindsey Metselaar

Rat Mission Chinese Food/Drink

Mission Chinese Food Owner Sued by Landlord for Rodent Infestation

Apparently, regardless of how trendy you are, rats aren't gonna cut it.
Millennial Men Real Talk

Step Your Game Up: A Message for Millennial Men

"Millennial men are sad excuses for ... well, men."
Foria Weed Sex Spray Drugs

Marijuana-Infused Lubricant Offers 15-Minute Orgasms

Sit back and relax, ladies.
New York Weed Is Legal Drugs

New York Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana

There are now 0 reasons to live on the West Coast.
Amsterdam Edibles Drugs

NY Times Writer Eats Weed And Freaks Out

We've all been there.
Alcoholic Drinks Food/Drink

Why Pop Bottles When You Can Drop $1.3 Mil on a Booze Cruise?

This is that baller shit Robin Leach talks about.
Bacon Whiskey Pig Food/Drink

Future Swine: Iowa Pigs Being Bred to Taste Like Whiskey

Damn, Babe. You smell like alcohol.
Noma Best Restaurant in the World Food/Drink

The Best Restaurant in the World Doesn’t Exist

Noma, in Denmark, is the best restaurant in the world. Just don't ask them to agree with you.
Moomin Cafe Food/Drink

Solo Eating Solutions: Stuffed Animals, Blow Up Sex Dolls, and an iPhone Ramen Bowl

Eating by yourself can be awkward. Luckily restaurants around the world are innovating the dining game so you can enjoy your time ...
Powdered Alcohol Palcohol Ban Drugs

Game Off: Powdered Alcohol Hits Legal Roadblock

If you were shocked that Palcohol made it onto the market, then it shouldn't come as a surprise that its approval has since been r...
Weed Pizza Image 2014 Drugs

Pizza and Pot Please: New App Delivers Food and Weed

"Hello? Can I get a pepperoni pizza and a gram of OG Kush?"
Bud and Breakfast Colorado Drugs

Weedbnb? “Bud And Breakfast” Invites You To Literally Wake And Bake

I often wonder how we can receive both the comfort of a hotel and the treat of waking and baking indoors. Finally, the day has com...
Classic Entenmanns donuts Food/Drink

A Plea To Save Entenmann’s Donuts

A donut-sized hole in our heart.
Sprinkles coming to NYC Food/Drink

Who Needs Cupcake Vending Machines When You Have These…

A vending machine for... everything!
A mash up of Girl Scout cookies and their weed undertones Food/Drink

Girl Scout Cookies: A Weed Conspiracy Theory

Girl Scout cookies are delivered straight to your door. Weed is delivered straight to your door. The cookies are incredibly delici...
Texas BBQ festival Food/Drink

Missed SXSW? There’s still a chance to eat Texas BBQ!

Get a heavy dose of brisket and brew from Texas Monthly.