John Brown

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MASS APPEAL Music Video Night Celebrates Anniversary at Brooklyn Museum

Guest Eif Rivera caps off a major year
J. Kevin Swain Film

Director J. Kevin Swain Remembers His Days Making Videos for ‘Pac

How establishing a relationship with Dr. Dre led to directing the epic house party-themed "California Love (Remix)" video
lead-music-video-night Video

MASS APPEAL’s Music Video Night With Calmatic

Celebrating the director of L.A.'s new king and queens
ufc_trump_adminisration_dana_white-1 News

Mixed Martial Law

Viewing President Trump through the lens of President White.
hip_hop_politics_john_brown_mass_appeal Features

Hip Hop Lost the Election!

"Our Kids Can't All Aspire to be Lil Wayne" - President Obama, July 2009
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Check Out Mass Appeal Music Video Night, An Event for A Genre That Doesn’t Get E...

#MassAppealMVN is a platform for new videos and the directors who make them.