Jaap van der Doelen

Maydien Features

The Music Industry Broke Maydien, Until He Stopped Worrying and Built His Own Break

“I lost myself”
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UK MC Dave Asks All The Right Questions During His Own “Question Time”

Who's got the answers?
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PREMIERE: Check Out The Wild Groove of Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler’s “Sivad”

This Miles Davis cover bursts at the seams
NORE Features

Evolution of a ‘Drink Champ’: Conversating With N.O.R.E.

“I’m chasing legacy”

Nike Pays Tribute to the City of Baltimore With Exclusive AF-1’s

Ed Piskor's comic book reveals why exactly
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Who Wants An Animated ‘Blade Runner’ Film Scored By Flying Lotus?

Watch Shinichirō Watanabe's ‘Bladerunner Black Out 2022’ right now
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Don’t Be Mad at Lonzo Ball—Feel Sorry For Him

Take that L Yung Lonzo
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A Comprehensive History of the Failed Attempts at a ‘Neuromancer’ Movie

'Deadpool' director Tim Miller is the latest in a long line of would-be directors trying to adapt this cyberpunk classic
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Behind the Scenes of MF DOOM’s New Adult Swim Project

With new beats and a Jay Elec collab, "DOOM fans are gonna freak out!"
Mr-Miracle Comics

DC Honors Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday with Psychedelic ‘Mister Miracle’ Update

The first issue of Tom King & Mitch Gerads' "Fourth World" reboot will blow your mind
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Going Home: How Illa J Finally Found Peace Along With His Own Voice

Dilla's brother sings on his surprising new album
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An Open Letter to the Old Heads: Your Hate is Their Guap

Do you find yourself posting words like “I remember when rappers were real”? If so, this message might be for you

How Kamp Seedorf Creates Culture in a Town Without History

"You can talk about it, but not with us"
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PREMIERE: Propaganda Doesn’t Flinch On His New Album ‘Crooked’

Taking shots at your sacred cows

How Prodigy Changed the Game With ‘Return of the Mac’

Every rapper in the internet age owes a debt to P
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Lethal Bizzle Went From Having Songs Banned to Rocking Stages Worldwide

"Grime is in the best position we’ve ever been in"