The Dingle Episode 2 Star Wars The Dingle

“The Dingle” – Episode 2

The following does not reflect the views of Mass Appeal, it only reflects the views of our crazy in-house animator, whose brain fa...
dingle001_2-14- The Dingle

The Dingle: The Boyz N the Hood Trading Card Game

What if characters from “Boyz N the Hood,” one of the classics films of the ’90s, were licensed for a trading card game à la Pokem...
dailydingle_pop The Dingle

The Dingle: Peace to the Papacy

Pope Benedict XVI will be stepping down soon due to ill health and though we’re secular we wish His Holiness the best– Paid In Ful...
Dailydingle_questionaire Art

Daily Dingle: A Very Juvenile Questionnaire

Are you a paper chaser? Then this Juvenile Questionnaire Dingle’s for you.  
Dingles_Craig2 The Dingle

The Dingle: Craigslist Killaz

“These are rap lyrics from some of my favorite songs re-imagined as Craigslist posts. In fact, I have so many favorite rap songs t...
Cant_touch_this The Dingle

The Dingle: The Untouchable Weezy

This past Saturday night, at DirecTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl in New Orleans, Snoop Dogg Lion’s team beat Lil Wayne’s in flag footba...
DD-Fresh-Prince The Dingle

The Dingle: The Fresh Prince of Degrassi

“If the “Daily Dingle” is the dingle berry of my brain poop, then today my brain poop is pink. ‘Cause that’s the color I tell...
Superbowl_Dailydingle2 The Dingle

The Dingle: Choose Your Super Bowl XLVII Soundtrack

No matter which team you’re rooting for we’ve got the theme music for your Super Bowl party.
Daily_Dingle Minaj The Dingle

The Dingle: Operation: Nicki Minaj

Peep this episode of "The Dingle" : Operation Nicki Minaj.
Dailydingle_dunn The Dingle

The Dingle: Mobb-phonics, Infamous-bonics

Learn how to speak Mobb-phonics, Infamous bonics, aka that Dunn language.
LV_Diaper_Bag The Dingle

The Dingle: Kanye West’s Fatherhood Soundtrack In 3 Parts

Since we heard the news that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian conceived a child we’ve wondered how fatherhood will affect Kanye’s mus...
DD_0003 The Dingle

The Dingle: F-ck Chipper Jones

We wish the "Mets Killer" a great retirement
DD_007b The Dingle

The Dingle: Fox News Covers the DNC 2012

What if the watchful eye of Fox News caught some stuff you didn't see at the DNC.
Bob Ross as Rick Ross The Dingle

The Dingle: Bob Ross is BAWSE

The Joy of Hustlin' with Bob Ro$$.
DD_005_feat The Dingle

The Dingle: Meet the Whites

Thank God for that white!
DD_004 The Dingle

The Dingle: Please Listen to My Memo

A Labor Day message from the higher ups.