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wu-tang-forever-cut-down Features

How to Cut ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ Down to 12 Tracks

Make it brief son, half short and twice strong
mookie-willson-dinosaur-story Features

Meet the Man Behind That Weird-Ass Story About Mookie Wilson and Dinosaurs

Charlie Rubin on the joke that bewildered the internet
richard-russell-lead-art Features

Richard Russell Creates Conversations Across Countries, Cultures and Time

XL Recordings head talks about his new Everything is Recorded project
yg-pop-it-shake-it-still_featured Features

Adjust Tracking: DREFILMS

The Miami director masters partying and chaos in YG's uncensored "Pop It, Shake It"

A-Trak on How a Laptop Ban Would Impact Touring DJs

Maybe the Department of Homeland Security is into strictly vinyl sets?
method-man-dustin-lee-abraham Features

How a Speech & Forensics Coach Wrote the Script for ‘How High’

Featuring Jewish mobsters, Russell Simmons, a softcore porn director and Sticky Fingers stealing weed
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Adjust Tracking: DAPS

The go-to director for Migos' video masterpieces is just getting started

Milarepa Fund Co-Founder Erin Potts Memorializes Adam Yauch

"I don’t think as much fun has ever been had while trying to do good in the world."
Five MCs remember the 1992 L.A. Uprising News

Five MCs Reflect on the Unrest Sparked by the Rodney King Verdict

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand where the rage stems from."
lil-yachty-album-art News

Kenneth Cappello on His Cover for Lil Yachty’s ‘Teenage Emotions’

"Fuck people that want to hate"
Tonight at 9 p.m. EDT, Showtime Networks premieres the MASS APPEAL documentary Burn Motherfucker, Burn!, directed by Sacha Jenkins. Film

Sacha Jenkins Explores the Roots of L.A. Unrest in ‘Burn Motherfucker, Burn!’

An interview with the director about his fiery new documentary
'Silicon Valley' is getting a soundtrack on Mass Appeal Records and the first single from the full length is DJ Shadow's "Systematic" featuring Nas. Music

DJ Shadow & Nas’ “Systematic” Launches the ‘Silicon Valley’ Soundtrack

Peter Gregory status
cipha_720 Features

Cipha Sounds Has Been Tight With Dave Chappelle for Years

But he's still pissed he missed the Block Party!
Dave Chappelle in Half Baked Features

Making ‘Half Baked,’ the First Film Starring Dave Chappelle

Director Tamra Davis on taking a stand-up star to the big screen
corey-smyth-dave-chappelle Features

How Dave Chappelle Pulls Everything Off

Meet Corey Smyth, Chappelle's business partner and musical mind.
Macka B Cucumber News

Macka B Goes Viral With “Cucumber”

“Detox, fiber, good regulator!”