Cleve Stair

Synthetic marijuana drug "Smacked" Drugs

New Hampshire Declares State of Emergency After 44 Overdose on Fake Weed

Don't get "Smacked."
martin-baker News

Aspiring Congressman Ethered for Attending Pro-Darren Wilson Rally

He wasn't ready...
German artists admit to replacing American Flags Art

German Artists Responsible for Brooklyn Bridge’s White Flags

"The bridge for us is a symbol of freedom and creative opportunity."
Schumer compares Alcohol to Kool-Aid Drugs

Senator Seeks Ban on Palcohol Fearing it Will Become Kool-Aid

Charles Schumer is such a buzzkill.
Over 30 People Shot Within Four Days In Chicago News

Chicago Receives 40 State Troopers to Combat Crime

But will it be enough?
Afghans find the classic Bride of Chucky amusing Film

Can “Bride of Chucky” Reinvigorate Afghanistan?

Find out how cinema is helping save the war-torn country.
Cannabis Coalition hopeful that D.C. will legalize marijuana Drugs

Washington, D.C. Approves Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiative

It's up to voters to do the rest.
452 new crimes added between 2000 and 2007 News

Government Adds 439 New Crimes to U.S. Code in Five Years

It should be a crime to create this many crimes.
Law Enforcement Carrying Drug Antidote Will Help Save Lives Drugs

A.G. Eric Holder Urges Law Enforcement to Carry Overdose Antidote

"Expanding the availability of this tool has the potential to save the lives, families, and futures of countless people across the...
Uncuff that Cellphone News

Congress Makes Unlocking Cell Phones Legal

... again
Detroit Cop Drug Kingpin Drugs

Detroit Cop Turned Drug Kingpin Arrested in Atlanta

Oxymoron for real
Shannon Guess Richardson News

Actress Receives 18 Years for Attempted Heisenberg Hit on President Obama

"I’m not a bad person."
Adam Kwasman News

Arizona Politician Mistakes Students as Immigrants in Twitter Rant

Muhhf*ckas never loved us.