Chris Moore

brooklyn teen News

Brooklyn Teen Convicted of Murder After Starting Fire that Killed NYPD Officer

Whether or not an accidental death is a murder depends on whether or not the victim is a cop.
CIA torture News

Newly Released Documents Reveal Brutal Details of CIA Torture

Even President Bush was concerned about the mistreatment of detainees.
gun stocks Knowledge

The Orlando Mass Shooting Has Provided a Huge Boost for Gun Stocks

Many Americans are unwittingly investing their money in gun manufacturers
police brutality News

Brooklyn District Attorney Says Cop Should Be Jailed for Police Brutality

Officer Joel Edouard was found guilty of assault for stomping on a man's head in Bed-Stuy
police shooting News

Chicago Man Sues Police Over Shooting — Arrested For Murder Moments Later

After being shot seven times by police in 2014, Dominiq Greer now faces new charges
unemployed americans Knowledge

Over Half of Unemployed Americans Have Given Up Looking for Jobs

The unemployment rate is falling because people are giving up looking for work, not because they are getting jobs
medical records Knowledge

The DEA is Trying to Get Open Access to Your Medical Records

“It is difficult to conceive of information that is more deserving of Fourth Amendment protection”
Norman Seabrook News

New York Jail Union Chief Norman Seabrook Arrested for Fraud

The charges center on a $20 million investment from the union's pension fund
long-term marijuana use Drugs

Long-Term Marijuana Use Has Few Negative Health Effects

A new study finds there's only one major health risk
hate crime News

NYPD Says Staten Island Teen’s Death Was Not a Hate Crime

Dayshen McKenzie died from an asthma attack after fleeing from a group of white teens
grim sleeper News

Los Angeles Jury Recommends Death Penalty for the ‘Grim Sleeper’

Investigators believe 63-year-old Lonnie Franklin Jr. was responsible for the murders of 25 women
filming cops News

NYPD Cop Threatens Man With Gun and Arrests Him for Filming Cops

Sgt. Diana Pichardo has already been sued 20 times in her 13-year career with the NYPD
false arrest News

Postal Worker Glenn Grays Will Sue NYC Over False Arrest by NYPD

“Handheld video footage is bringing the behavior of cops who act irresponsibly and dangerously to light.”
Robert Bates Oklahoma News

Oklahoma Ex-Cop Sentenced to Four Years for Accidentally Killing Suspect

Although he was given the maximum sentence, Bates is eligible for an early release
police use of force News

New NYPD Guidelines Will Address Police Use of Force

The new rules encourage cops to de-escalate tensions and report other cops' use of excessive force
facebook Knowledge

Facebook Is Using Phone Mics to Monitor Users, Professor Warns

The company claims they are not storing the information or using it for advertising