Bucky Turco

mass_appeal_subway_surfer_lede Features

Subway Surfer Explains Why He Risks Death To Ride On Top of the Trains

"That inanimate object’s family to me and the rest of us obsessed with trains."
Love_Love_Love_Ray_Mock_BK_bridge_ Graffiti

‘Love’ Spread On the Brooklyn Bridge

Iconic span tagged by compassionate vandal
statue_of_liberty_mass_appeal Politics

Trump Closes America To Seven Muslim-Majority Countries

Visitors from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen are no longer welcome.
carter-1 Features

What Embarrasses Porn Stars?

Adult film entertainers... they're just like us.
this_is_spinal_tap_trump Comedy

The Donald Gets the Spinal Tap Treatment in Unhinged Interview Clip

These go to 11
canine_dogs_mass_appeal News

Study: Canines Totally Into Reggae Music

Old dog like we
Resist_Greenpeace News

Greenpeace Activists Hang Giant “Resist” Banner Atop Crane Near White House

Urban exploring put to good use.
obama_jay_bey News

Wikihow Reimagines Barack Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce As Caucasians

All white everything
not_my_president_mass_appeal Graffiti

Defiant Anti-Trump Message Spray Painted On Chicago Subway Train

Constructive graffiti challenges new president
katsu_drone_trump Features

Graffiti Artist KATSU Debuts New Spray Painting-Drone By Blasting Donald Trump

"Scum Trump"
over-friendly News

Video Explains Why Over-Friendly People Are the Worst

"Over-friendliness isn’t just a feature of one-to-one encounters. It’s an entrenched flaw within modern consumer society more gene...
vagina virgin of guadalupe Politics

Women’s March Against Trump Taking Place All Over the World

"Pussy grabs back"
trump_twitter_potus_ma News

Donald Trump Inherits @POTUS Twitter Account, Hilarity Ensues

The national nightmare begins
affleck_sad_meme_response News

Yes, Ben Affleck Knows All About ‘Sad Affleck’

He's finally broken his silence
The_Trolly_Problem_Mass_Appeal News

Animating the Trolly Problem: “Do You Sacrifice One Person To Save Five?”

Our instinct tell us that deliberately causing someone’s death is different than allowing them to die as collateral damage.”
The-Purge-Election-Year-2016-Movie Politics

Donald Trump Unveils 2020 Campaign Slogan That’s Ripped Straight From ‘The Purge’

It's not that much different than the original.