PREMIERE: Artist Noir Doesn’t Want to “Overdose” in His New Video

Say goodbye to basic rap videos. Artist Noir has dropped this new video for “Overdose” and it reminds us just how many videos are nothing but an ad for whatever products an artist is endorsing.

“Overdose” is built from a video collage, blending cut-out images and cartoons with him rapping against various backgrounds and behind a series of effects. At times it’s really slick, with video projected onto an old-school television and bright animation in the background. Other times it’s like an art school VJ project made from old VHS footage.

Noir directed the video himself. “I just hit up my friend who’s a camera operator and told him to film me in front of my green screen in my apartment being a weirdo, and the rest just came together in editing,” he tells MASS APPEAL. Clips range from anime explosions to fake heads being cut in two, to a series of Asian girls walking in a line. It’s very random and often pretty funny. At one point he takes his shirt off and rubs his nipples. Of course we had to ask about that: “I probably didn’t shower that day and it was probably itching,” he said. “Nah, that’s jokes”

Although the video is hella fun, the song deals with some difficult subject matter. Over a smooth beat produced by Brian Do, Noir sings a hypnotic, heartfelt Auto-Tune ballad about the loss of his friend. The hook goes, “I don’t want to overdose, I lost my bro Holy Ghost / Holy smokes, I don’t know if I’m faded I’m caught in the moment though.” He even raps that he lost his bro to the shit that he serves.

“I wanted the visuals to evoke certain memories,” Noir says. “Jokes him and I had, movies we’d watch.” It’s not morose at all though and feels celebratory of good times passed.

Noir hopes to delve deeper into the visual side of things: “My goal is to continue to merge the two. I don’t necessarily want to be known as a rapper or a filmmaker, but just an artist that uses both mediums for self-expression.”

If you’re feeling “Overdose,” be sure to peep his most recent track from a few days back, a collab with Nessly over a beat by CashMoneyAp.

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