AG Da Coroner Mass Appeal

Career Watch: Coroner

Words by Timmhotep Aku Photo by Constance Craven

A lot of rappers brag about the wigs they’ve split and the triggers they’ve pulled, but few, if any, can claim to have seen as many corpses as AG Da Coroner. That’s because the artist once known as “Agony” has been working as a real-life coroner in a New York City hospital morgue for almost eight years now.

Having grown up in the high-crime, East New York section of Brooklyn, AG is no stranger to gore: “[Seeing] bodies laid out In front of the crib was a weekly routine.” So when a friend told him about an open position in which he’d have to deal with the deceased he went for the gig unfazed by its macabre tasks.

His occupation requires him to perform autopsies and preserve people’s organs; the tools of the trade are electric saws, rib cutters, scalpels and, according to him, “anything strong enough to pierce flesh [and] bone.” If it sounds like a job that is not for the squeamish, that’s because it is. AG introduced us to the “skin slip,” phenomenon; that’s when you have “flesh with so much water damage that as soon as you grab an arm or leg the skin just comes right off.” Yum.

With knowledge of his 9-to-5 and his propensity for “bodying” the track every time he rhymed his Outdoorsmen crew members (Meyhem Lauren, J-Love, and Action Bronson), rechristened him with the morbid moniker. “I Became The Cause of Death on the Track,” he says, “If you want ‘The Cause Of Death’ just call Da Coroner.”

Call him if you need a track killed, or an autopsy performed, but ladies don’t call him if you’re necro-curious–AG’s not into girls that are into his profession. “[That] definitely would freak me out… there is nothing attractive about this job except the paycheck.

This story appears in Mass Appeal Issue 52. Read more stories from the issue here.

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