Photo of Adrianne Ho Sweat Crew.

Adrianne Ho Talks Sweat Crew, Building Her Brand, and Favorite Sneakers

Photos by Iva Kozelli and Dorrell Bradford

You know Adrianne Ho. The Canadian-born model has served as one of the most officially unofficial faces of street and sportswear over the past few years. Ogling Internet fanboys adore her, females seek to emulate her inimitable style, and she wears men’s clothing better than the majority of dudes out there.

Ho has quickly garnered a cult following via her social media presence and blog, Sweat the Style. A quick visit to the site and you’ll find an array of posts that seamlessly meld her love of style, health, food, and all things fitness. She has used the platform to elevate not only her own personal brand, but also expose a whole new generation of diverse women that keep outfits cleaner than their nutrition and fitness regimens.

The bi-coastal beauty has no plans of slowing down either. With the launch of Sweat Crew, her new sportswear line made in partnership with PacSun, Ho is quickly establishing herself as a modern style icon with staying power for years to come. The eclectic collection entails a healthy variety of versatile athletic pieces designed for females to hit the gym and handle whatever else life throws at them on any given day. (Future releases will include men’s offerings.)

Mass Appeal recently had the chance to chat with Ho about designing her first collection, what her intense schedule entails, her favorite sneakers, a forthcoming TV show, and more. Check it.

Mass Appeal: How did Sweat Crew and the partnership with PacSun come about?

Adrianne Ho: PacSun reached out and wanted me to create a brand for them. I felt they would make a perfect partner because I wanted the clothes to be accessible for people. They have stores all around the country, and although I do want people to hunt for it, I want people to discover it as well.

Being in a PacSun store, a girl can come across the clothing and have no idea what Sweat the Style is, or who I am, but will be introduced to it and appreciate it. Hopefully, they’ll go on the site and see all the rest of the things that come with the clothing.

What was your biggest inspiration behind the collection?

A lot of the inspiration stems from my lifestyle: living in New York and L.A., being busy as I am and still wanting to be fit. I wanted versatile pieces that someone could wear during the day, at night, to work out.

There’s a lot of technical elements to each piece. We implemented 3M details, side zippers that you can unzip for breathability, and other features like that for added function. I also love the timeliness of the collection, it isn’t too ahead of its time and it’s not too far behind. It’s right now.

Photo of Adrianne Ho Sweat Crew Jersey.


Can you talk about Sweat the Style and its extensive network of dope females that contribute to the brand?

I always wanted Sweat the Style to branch out  beyond myself and shine a spotlight on girls I really fuck with. I want to empower these women and give them a place to put down things that inspire them, ways they get fit, and stay healthy so that other people can learn from that.

Contributors vary from nutritionists, models sharing their workout regimen, down to girls giving beauty tips. It’s a tight-knit group right now, but I think over the next couple of years it will grow. I don’t want to force it, I know it will happen organically. If there is like a girl that fits a lifestyle who has a strong passion for something, I definitely want to give her a platform where she can go and express that.

What’s an average day for you like?

Well, gosh, every day is so different for me. I spend a lot of time traveling, working on projects and designs, working out, or shooting for something. I’m pretty busy.

That sounds intense. What do you do to get away from all of it?

Honestly, sometimes I just want to exercise. I have so much going on during the day. Before I started all of this and was just modeling, I could do it whenever I wanted to. Now I have to make sure I do this every day. I have to get rid of all this other stuff that I’m working on to make sure I get that sweat in. That’s something. I also definitely want to travel and vacation a lot more.

What spots are on your hit list?

Paris, London, and a bunch of cities across Europe. I really want to go to Japan, and I have family in China. That’ll probably be my next big trip. Then I’ll be going back home to Canada in September.

Photo of Adrianne Ho Sweat Crew Black and White.


You’re notorious for having a sick kick game. What are your favorite sneakers at the moment?

That’s a really difficult question to answer!

Okay, what do you currently have in rotation?

I have these Nike Inneva Woven Free’s on right now. I love Huaraches, Flyknits, Sock Darts, New Balance 998s. I’m in L.A. now, so I’m wearing a lot of Birkenstocks [Laughs].

Really embedding yourself into that California lifestyle.

Yeah, I got this all black leather pair that you can only get in Japan. I have some really good ones!

You started out as a model, launched Sweat the Style, and now you’re a designer. What’s next for you?

I’m working on a TV show that we’ll start filming soon. It’s gonna be shooting in L.A., New York, and Toronto. I think broad strokes, my ultimate goal is to have a cool lifestyle brand that motivates people to feel good and be healthy. I just hope that I can involve myself with products and projects that fall within that category.

Adrianne Ho’s initial Sweat Crew Collection is available today in-store and online from PacSun.

Photo of Adrianne Ho Sweat Crew Interview.


Adrian is a writer based in New York City and encourages you to shout his name like Rocky.
Follow him @_YOADRIAN

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