A New Shaq Fu Video Game

A New Shaq Fu, A Legend Reborn

People loved Shaq in the ’90s. Dude was Jesus for the Orlando Magic, and due to his basketball career and role model loveableness, Shaq became a celebrity in the United States. He made a couple of bad movies (“Kazaam,” “Steel“), he made a somewhat decent (kinda?) rap album (Shaq-Fu: Da Return), and did super ’90s shit, like posing for elementary school library posters. He was also the star of a god-awful video game called “Shaq Fu,” on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

shaq fu game new

It’s an atrocious game hailed as one of the worst of all time, for sure. GameTrailers lists it as #4 on its “Worst Games of all Time,” list, while there’s an entire website dedicated to “liberating,” every copy of Shaq Fu on this planet. It was a terrible game that had players using Shaq’s Kung Fu moves to kick ass in another dimension, and save a boy named Nezu from an evil mummy named Sett-Ra.

Hold up.

Shaq is just chillin’ in Tokyo when he suddenly walks into a Kung Fu dojo. He talks to the old Kung Fu master who owns it, mentions the fact that he’s in Japan for an all-star charity event about six times, then gets warped to another dimension so he can save this boy he doesn’t know. And Shaq starts kicking people’s asses until the game is over.

The story to this game, in unison with its awful gameplay, was what really made Shaq Fu trash. This was the most ridiculous bit you could create for a ’90s basketball star. But it’s also part of what made the game cult. People love Shaq Fu ironically. It holds a lot of cultish traits and it’s remembered as one of the more ridiculous things Shaq has been tied to.

So in 2014, a game studio called Big Deez Productions asks, why not remake it? Big Deez Productions called Shaq up, created an Indiegogo page with an asking donation of $450,000, and asked people to help them create a better Shaq Fu game titled “Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn.”

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn

The production team is claimed to be made up of people who were tied to some major titles such as “Halo,” “Street Fighter,” “Final Fantasy,” “Battlefield,” “Killzone,” “Max Payne,” and many other franchises. Their Indiegogo page emphasizes the fact that they are gamers, not executives, and the team will dedicate their time and donated money into creating a fresh, better Shaq Fu game. “This isn’t about trying to make a quick buck, it’s about creating something that both we and Shaq can be proud of. We want to make a slick, fun, rock-solid game.”

Donations are setup on the Indiegogo page for $450,000, with proceeds already exceeding $15,000 and 46 days left of funding. If you do choose to donate to a good “Shaq Fu” video game, you could get your hands on some awesome backer rewards, like an original signed size 22 Shaq Attack sneaker, a chance to play basketball at Shaq’s house in Orlando on his home court, have your voicemail recorded by Shaq, and of course, get a copy of the game you helped fund. Oh yeah, and 5% of all profits from the game will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Just like in the vein of the original “Shaq Fu” game, Shaq loves supporting charities. Even if he’s in Tokyo.

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