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7 Deadly Femcees: Awkwafina / Lil Kim

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This week is all about showing the ladies mad love. We’re teaming up with our home girl, Naps the Cat; graffiti artist and creator of the Female Rap Coloring Book, for a seven-day series that will showcase seven different female emcees. Don’t think we’re going soft either; each of these women spit enough fire to scorch any male competition.

For our 7 Deadly Femcees series we’ve asked each rapper to choose and color in an emcee from Naps’ coloring book that has influenced them and their career.  Each day we’re bringing you a profile of a new dope femcee on the rise and a song to add to your Bump That playlist. You can thank us later.

Awkwafina Lil Kim Double Photo


Welcome to day 2 of 7 Deadly Femcees. Today we’re taking it to Queens and introducing you to Awkwafina. This up and coming femcee may rhyme funny but her skills ain’t no joke. This Korean American emcee’s style will hook you in with her wild and catchy lyrics and danceable beats. It’s no wonder she choose to big up Lil’ Kim.

Describe your music style?

I don’t like to take myself too seriously when I rap, whether the song is comedic or not. My sense of humor varies from the absurdist and the mundane and I think that I project some of that into my comedic tracks. I have recorded some tracks that by nature aren’t comedic, but I try to preserve a “tongue-in-cheek” aspect in all of them.

Why did you choose this artist, what influence has she had on you and your music?

I chose Lil’ Kim because she’s the first female rapper I remember hearing back in my last years at elementary school. True, TLC Crazy Sexy Cool was the first album I ever owned, but I remember vividly the first time I heard “Not Tonight.” I had listened to male rappers talk about the same x-rated content, but I remember being surprised when I heard it coming out of a female’s mouth. It added a new dimension to what I thought was a “pop star,” someone who was exuding sexuality without singing.

Lil’ Kim is uncensored and sometimes unnecessarily graphic. She has an impenetrable I don’t give a fuck quality about her lyricism that I’d like to believe is a characteristic of Awkwafina. I also believe it SHOULD be a quality of all female rappers, being assertive without being reluctant.

What new projects are you working on?

I just wrapped my debut album, Yellow Ranger, and plan to release it in the coming weeks.

Peep her song NYC Bitche$ and let us know if you’re riding with Awkwafina below.

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