Zoo York Takes Over Yankee Stadium

Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis and Brandon Westgate throw down in Yankee Stadium for Zoo York's newest spot.

Big Apple-based skateboard company Zoo York takes their homegrown talent into the house that Ruth built, Yankee Stadium. Follow Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis (Black Dave) and Brandon Westgate as they clear stadium security and get an all-access skate pass to one of the most hallowed sports grounds in the world. Now while it may not be equipped for skateboarding, the crew had no trouble at all repurposing some benches, stairs and rails for ripping.

Skateboarders walking down seat aisles

Skating With New York Yankees Foam Finger

Skating Yankee Stadium concession popcorn drinks

Pop ollie yankee stadium

Camera filming bench cruiser skateboarding landing

red graffiti ladder signage board

Yankee Stadium lit at night zoo york logo

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