Zoo York Spends a Day in Queens with Kevin Tierney

Zoo York spends a day in the life with team rider Kevin Tierney as he skates Queens and catches up with fellow rider Brandon Westgate.

Zoo York takes some time to catch up with team rider Kevin Tierney in Astoria, Queens for a day in the life with the homegrown homie. The short takes viewers inside his pad where he reveals one of his first skateboards ever, an Alien Workshop with cheap plastic trucks, along with the story of how he got on to Zoo, which included a sponsor-me tape and a run in with then-Zoo rider Zered Bassett who personally told him about his welcome.

Then it’s off to the streets to hit Astoria Skatepark where he meets up with Zoo teammate Brandon Westgate. The journey continues over to the infamous fountain inside Flushing Meadows park and comes to an end back at Tierney’s pad. Zoo York may not be the same institution that it was in the past (yes Bassett’s loss is major) but all in all a quintessential New York City skate adventure with a legit boarder is the real deal, so no complaints here.

New York City Street Signs La Guardia Astoria Boulevard Queens Newton Ave

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Harold Hunter Metrocard New York City Frame Photos

Skateboard Truck Old Hands

New York City MTA Turnstile Subway Skateboard

New York City Queensboro Plaza Bench Subway Train Waiting Skateboard

High Five Skatepark Astoria Queens Brandon Westgate

Astoria Skatepark Brandon Westgate Ollie Jump Skateboard

Flushing Meadow Park Globe Hood

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