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Zoo York South America Tour 2013

Zoo York South America Tour 2013

While shoe company DVS might’ve gotten Ill In Brazil, the boys over at Zoo York decided to up the South American ante by taking an entire 2013 tour that spanned Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Riders Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis (Black Dave), Travis Glover, and Brandon Westgate were on skateboard ambassador duty.

This meant press rounds, skate demos, and tons upon tons of high-fives and daps to swarming fans. But they didn’t seem to sweat it much, considering they were visiting some of the world’s most beautiful locales that side of the Equator. So that also meant plenty of coastline and tropical weather to soothe the crew after the long haul.

The piece is also real hood-friendly as whoever edited it decided to throw in some dope late-90’s Latin-themed hip hop from the likes of Noreaga (“Mathematics”), Big Pun (“100%”), and Tony Touch (“Capicu”). Oh, you thought Rat Lord was too caught up with the skating and international sight seeing to know his local Puerto Rican music roots? Chill bruh. New York Rats know the deal.

Sitting Skateboarding Sign
Skateboard Chaz Ortiz Black Dave Willis Streets Cars Sidewalk
Skateboarding Trick Boardslide Fans Rail Brandon Westgate
Bowl Skateboarding Footplant Trick

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