Zoo York “King Of New York” Premiere Recap

Team Zoo York talks about their latest skate video and the ins and outs of ripping in the Big Apple.

Given the current influx of lo-fi, hip hop mixtape-based skate videos hitting the Interwebs, it’s only right that we shine light on one of New York City’s pillars – Zoo York. To commemorate their 20th anniversary Ben Oleynik, RB Umali and the Zoo riders (Brandon Westgate, Chaz Ortiz, Kevin Tierney, Dave Willis, Ron Deily) stepped their game up to release King of New York – a Big Apple-centric homage to the yesteryears of the Zoo York Mixtape and the company’s legacy of ill street skating.

Mass Appeal was on deck last Monday for the premiere at the Lower East Side’s Hotel Chantelle and we got a few exclusive words about the video from the Zoo team itself. Watch as they give us insight into the project and  breakdown of the ins and outs of skateboarding around Gotham.

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