Bump That: Zebra Katz DRKLNG

Bump That: Zebra Katz DRKLNG

Zebra Katz has an awesome name. As you may have guessed, he’s not a zebra or a cat, and he’s definitely not a cross between a zebra and a cat. Zebra Katz is a mixture between a rapper and a space travelling time-lord. Maybe Diplo’s label Mad Decent travelled to another planet to find him. If you asked him what genre of music he makes, he would probably tell you “Future.” We would definitely agree.

Listening to his new mixtape DRKLNG is like taking a spaceship ride on mushrooms, in a UFO equipped with subwoofer lined seats, wearing 3-d glasses, or maybe even Google Glass. Then you’d be able to ask, “Google WTF am I doing here.” Google would reply, “You are listening to the new Zebra Katz mixtape.” Yes we are, Google. Yes we are.

You can stream the new Zebra Katz mixtape DRKLNG below. Bass for your face.

Shout out to Busta Rhymes making an appearance at 6:11

Zebra Katz new mixtape cover for DRKLNG