Yung Lean Yoshi City

Yung Lean “Yoshi City” Video

Butterfly doors on the smart car.

Yung Lean’s new music video for “Yoshi City” is engaging, to say the least.

For starters, he’s rapping in a cave— a real life cave. I’ve yet to be in a real life cave and this 16-year-old has already spit a 16 in one. That’s pretty dope. Also, even more absurdly, he’s riding around in a smart car with butterfly doors. An impressive feat and surely a first in the history of Swedish sad rappers. Again, we have to give him props for creativity.

We realize that Yung Lean isn’t for everybody. Maybe the whole #sadboys movement bothers you in general. However, it’s impossible to deny dude’s following— and his impeccable taste in cars, environmentally friendly ones.

Check out the music video for “Yoshi City” in the player up top.

Yung Lean Yoshi City

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  • Jordan Baird

    RIP Yung Lean, dude takes himself way too seriously now. I’ll still download Unknown Memory as soon as it comes out but don’t think I’ll love it as much as Unknown Death.
    Yung Gud’s production is getting better and better though, it’s amazing.


    Not mad at Yung Lean