Your Old Droog EP

Your Old Droog – “Your Old Droog” EP

The mysterious NYC emcee drops his debut EP.

Your Old Droog sounds like Nas. Your Old Droog sounds like The Game. Your Old Droog Sounds like Nas mixed with The Game. Your Old Droog sounds like blah, blah, blah.

That’s what you’re sure to hear in barbershop banter from the Boogie Down to Brooklyn, but here’s the truth: Your Old Droog sounds like Your Old Droog. That’s all you really need to know.

On his debut, eponymous EP, Droog blends golden era greatness with New York City grittiness into a molotov cocktail and lights a match, holding the bottle over listeners’ heads for the duration of the project. Does he have your attention? We hope so.

There are no breaks, just bars— nutty ones at that. The production is seamless. The only thing that may prevent you from listening to the project start to finish is the number of rewind-worthy verses. While we’re still trying to unravel the who, what, when, where, why, and how of all things Droog, we’re completely cool being left in the dark— as long as we’ve got his music to keep us company.

Stream the Your Old Droog EP below, and download it here.

Your Old Droog EP

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  • Mack

    Every reference on this is from the 80s and 90s..Tom Gugliotta, Mc Serch, Bernadette Peters..Old NY spots…Every reference to something new is from an outsider’s point of view..Like when he talks about teenagers..No way this dude is 24…Either way this is dope as hell..If Nas is able to pull off this MFDoomesque troll job, he’s GOAT…

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    this does sound exactly like a nas mostly mixed with games raspyiness wth????? …….. 😮 …

  • disqus_DkYLDTKacc

    If it isn’t Nas then this is way more disrespectful than it is homage. Nobody’s going to truly respect rhyme/flow/voice biting of this magnitude. Obscene obsession.

  • Obi Patrick

    One of the greatest EP’s in rap history, from beginning to end this is Your Old Droog’s debut to bring real rap back. To think this an EP, I can only envision how good the album we be with this level of production and clever witty worldplay and metaphorical display, same NY accent as Nas but entirely different approaches.