Your Old Droog Nutty Bars

Your Old Droog “Nutty Bars”

Who is this guy? None of your damn business! Just enjoy the music and stop asking questions.

Your Old Droog is a magnificent rapper and wordsmith. His voice feels like a meeting between Rakim Allah and Ghostface Killah. This young man is elusive, but in reality, it feels like he’s in his head writing stuff. In today’s day and age, ninjas don’t gotta rhyme that good. Your Old Droog certainly ain’t lazy. in his spare time he likes long, lonely walks on the beach. He likes waffles. He is a former pro wiffle ball player. He’s also an excellent guitar player— an instrument close to this scribe’s heart.

Check out “Nutty Bars” below, produced by a gentleman named El RTNC. Sixty four bars packed in there. There’s more on the way. And if you don’t think this is good rap, well, some people like to eat roaches. But we don’t judge.

UPDATE: Your Old Droog’s debut project is out now. Check it out here.

Your Old Droog Nutty Bars

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  • 1lmatic

    So this is Nas, right?

  • flexapro

    You ain’t fooling anybody, Nas.

  • Guest
  • ayo

    yo what’s good nas! what’s been up to! nice having mac miller pitch your voice, eh?

  • K0G

    This has gotta be nas


  • niknak maxam

    I don’t know who this dude is..but my brotha you been studying Nas HARD!

  • niknak maxam

    It’s not Nas, you can tell its a white guy…just listen very close.

  • toldyouso

    No you can’t lol

  • niknak maxam

    yes you can